As we wait excitedly for Wednesday’s King Of The Mountain airplay debut the press articles are continuing this weekend. The Sunday Times explores “10 essential examples of Kate Bush’s bold and trailblazing work with words, music, vocals and production”. In stark contrast however, and very unfortunately, The Daily Mail yesterday (17th Sept) managed to run a full page article which basically presented a re-hashed amalgam of all the laughably untrue “information” they claim to present on Kate. To be honest, despite otherwise low expectations, it even took some of us aback in it’s scathing, uninformed analysis. We’ve heard most of this nonsense before; that Kate is a paranoid recluse surrounded by security gates etc, but quite how the writer Paul Scott can justify mentioning Michael Kamen’s heart attack in relation to Kate’s “demanding control freakery” is beyond us. A completely repugnant and disgraceful comment. This site can only assume that a grudge is held by that particular publication due to Kate’s perceived lack of “playing the celebrity game”.

We once again commend Kate on her stance to simply remain exactly true to who she is, she deserves nothing less. Hats off to her – she’s an inspiration.