Aerial has been flying off the shop shelves in the UK with only Il Divo and possibly Westlife capable of outselling Kate by the weekend according to midweek chart predicitions. There have been many reports of shops simply selling out of the new album already. Whatever the final tally, fans will relish the fact that Aerial, being a double album, means that Kate’s selling twice as many CDs as anyone else! Strong sales of King Of The Mountain meant that the single has remained in the UK Top Ten this week at number 8.

Kate’s official site is now up and running at As well as a note from Kate there’s photos, video, audio and other downloads available, a shop stocked with t-shirts, sweatshirts, prints and mouse-mats and a biography and news section – so check it out!

If you didn’t get to hear it the BBC Front Row Interview with Kate is here. Also Mark Radcliffe’s show featuring excerpts from his interview with Kate can be listened to again at the BBC site here. Note that the Mark Radcliffe interview with Kate will be broadcast on November 19th as a documentary on Radio 2 at 9pm. The radio interviews underline Kate’s surprise and delight at the tremendous success that her eighth studio album is having. More reviews coming soon, meanwhile they are being compiled over at Gaffaweb for you. [ On a personal note, the release of the album has coincided with two separate trips that take me away from site-work just now so this would account for the slightly reduced rate of updates – to be honest I think we’re all just luxuriating in this new music for now, but I will catch up eventually. If I can manage it I’m going to put my own thoughts about the album together for the much-anticipated new issue of HomeGround magazine due out in December (who spotted their ad in Mojo?!). The album is extraordinarily beautiful and powerful. I couldn’t give a toss about chart positions or anything else right now. Thanks so much again Kate. I’m off to pop my headphones on again. “…we dive deeper and deeper”]