Hello all, we’re sure you are all still immersed in the Aerial album like everyone else, for an update on this website’s activities since the album release please read the forum posting (from Bfenby) . We still have no news of a second single so as usual, watch this space! In the meantime Kate’s first 7 albums were re-issued in Japan last year and will be available on import in the UK & Ireland from March 13th 2006 (please note that these are NOT the re-mastered re-issues that we’ve been awaiting from EMI UK, these are just very nicely repackaged CDs made to look like the original vinyl versions, with inserts etc). The sheet music to Kate’s new album Aerial has been released in the UK – more info here. All the very latest Kate Bush news mentions can be found in our busy forum’s Medialog section. The huge online Kate Bush resource Gaffaweb is now being continually updated with all Aerial-related articles, reviews and interviews etc, be sure to check it out. Kate’s official site is now also available in a HTML format as well as the Flash version.