Kate has posted a note today at her official site www.katebush.com and finally, as with the other albums, we get to see who played what and where on Aerial – be sure to check it out at Kate’s site. I’m off to listen out for that didgeridoo on The Painter’s Link!

Hello everyone, It has been a very quiet year and lovely for us to catch up on things. We are all well and happy. I know that many of you have asked for more details on Aerial’s track-by-track credits – these can now be found in the ‘Musicians’ section. I am seriously shocked and extremely flattered to be voted in the top 10 living icons on ‘The Culture Show’. Thank you so much for voting me in, I feel very honoured. I hope you have a fantastic Christmas, we are really looking forward to it… and here’s wishing you all a wonderful new year ahead.

With love, Kate

Living Icon update: Kate has been voted in 7th place of the 10 finalists, with Morrissey, David Attenborough and Paul McCartney making the top three – see Kate’s reaction to the voting in her official website note above.