Placebo are releasing their cover version of Kate’s Running Up That Hill in the US to coincide with the release of their iTunes only ‘Covers’ album. The track has been described as a “slowed down version of Kate Bush’s unbelievably beautiful classic…taking an already gorgeous song and covering it in a way that makes you fall in love with it again”. There was huge digital download demand for their cover of Kate’s song after it recently appeared in The O.C. Placebo are recruiting fans to star in the forthcoming video for the song. Placebo fans have been submitting single-camera video clips of themselves singing the cover. From an UnderGroundOnline interview with Placebo’s bass guitarist, Stefan Olsdal: UGO: What made you guys want to cover Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill?” Stefan: We cover songs that we like. For us it is something that we do for fun in B-side sessions. We’ve covered a variety of bands, usually from the ’80s. We did a Depeche Mode cover and Robert Palmer even. We’re fans of Kate Bush so, when it came to this track, we thought that the lyrics had a real depth and you can’t really get that in the original because she’s singing it so fast. We wanted to slow it down and it felt really good, and we’re really proud of it. UGO: Have you heard whether or not she likes it? Stefan: Yes we did, actually. We met and she does like it and we’re relieved by that fact because we’re big fans. Full interview here . According to this site “when the band’s singer Brian Molko saw Kate at a party, he approached her to see if she was O.K. with their version of the song. Lucky for them, she loved it.” You can hear the track on the Placebo Myspace page or see a live version on Youtube

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