On the day of the film’s world premiere in London Del Palmer has written a very interesting account on the recording of ‘Lyra’ posted on his official website: “The song was written very quickly as Kate was asked to do it at very short notice. In fact she only had a matter of days to write and produce it. She came to the studio with a rough demo recorded at her home using a ProTools LE system. Our first job was to record the keyboard and the lead vocal so that the Choir arranger could get to work as quickly as possible. This short project was to be a happy return to analog recording for us. We used a Studer A827 24 track recorder. Once the track was recorded it was transferred to ProTools for editing and mixing. This was so that the choir recordings could be done using a small mobile setup supplied by Abbey Road on a Monday morning. They were then imported into the original ProTools session for mixing on the Monday afternoon. Kate then took a car to Abbey Road for mixing in the evening. Abbey Road studio did the 5.1 surround mix. This was because all of the soundtrack music had been done there so it made sense to do the same. The following day we did a stereo mix at our studio for the soundtrack album release. In all, the whole thing took about 10 days to do. I personally think it’s a wonderful performance from Kate considering the time restrictions, in particular her vocal.” Thanks Del, and well done on an excellent job – I’m looking forward to hearing Kate at the cinema in 5.1 surround for the very first time!