From the press release: “Hotly tipped electro-indie four-piece VIVA CITY are releasing ‘Kate Bush‘ – their first UK single, on Monday 23 June, on iTunes for digital download. Mixing dark throbbing baselines with melodic electronica, the Newcastle tunesmiths create a unique sound that leaves fans demanding more. The new single is getting great feedback after airing on BBC 6 Music, with renowned musician and BBC DJ Tom Robinson’s ringing endorsement: “Viva City’s ‘Kate Bush’ is a storming two minute slice of leery swaggering electropop. Sheer genius.” The UK single follows a collaboration with Dutch DJ maestro Don Diablo, who released a remix of Viva City’s track ‘Audio Endlessly’ in Europe in February. Don Diablo commented that Viva City are creating “a new sound for a new era”. Produced by the legendary Kosheen DJs, Viva City’s first UK single marks the band’s official launch. Viva City’s Bruce Tate said: “The track is about old and new, appreciating what has come before, whilst also creating a sound of the future. We want people to sit up and listen – the dirty sirens at the start signal the mayhem kicking off and us launching ourselves onto the music scene.” Hear the single at the Viva City myspace page here.

Chris from the band has posted the lyrics of the song on our forum: “Kate Bush, Keep your little hounds of love Kate, Your shoes are in the $$%!#%! lake, and how am I going to get home today? Yeah, in action how like an angel, In apprehension how like a God, You’re the greatest beauty of the world, la la la la {CHORUS} Thus, Bad begins, And I’m letting it in, To fear love is to fear life, To fear love is to fear life, In all truth I attend to their sugared words, I attend to the things absurd, I never was to deter, So take a bow, I dote on her every absence, I cherish every spoken word, I idolise the treasured girls, la la la la, {CHORUS} Thus, Bad begins, And I’m letting it in, To fear love is to fear life, To fear love is to fear life..”