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Welcome to the new site!


Hello! We’ve been busy making the site more user-friendly and hopefully you’ll find it useful. All the news and content from the old version of the site is here, now fully searchable and archived! At last. You’ll see that Homeground and its editors will now be taking a much more active role in their online home, and will be posting news and other items along with me, as well as updating the Homeground sections as the publication of the Homeground book draws closer. Peter & Krys are moving away from admin and moderation of the forum to concentrate on everything else here, but Mike Wade and Seán will continue to help out with the busy site forum.

What else is new? Well, you’ll start to notice a lot more social network integration throughout the site. You can comment on certain posts if you want (we’ll trial that for a while, see how it goes). There’s a simple but brilliant new video gallery that brings a lot of Youtube videos together in one place. There’s features on Kate-related artists and a new Gig calendar we’ll be updating to let you know where events are happening. Basically the new site gives us endless new ways to bring you all the Kate Bush news and information you need! Thanks for all the support! Seán, Peter, Krys & Dave


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Happy Birthday Kate!


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    Nice one!

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    Love the new layout and site! Thanks so much for giving us something new between albums! Rob’t

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    Thank you for such a beautiful piece of work; this site always looked fantastic and I could never imagine it could look better – but it does. Beautiful, professional and just totally lovely. Here’s to many years of xxxx

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    Happy new website!

    I also would like to complain about Dale Winton’s comments about KB not having discovered hair product. At least she hasn’t got a permanently orange face of Oompa-Loompa hue now.

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    Wonderful website!! I love the graphics and the lettering. Also, Happy Birthday to Kate on July 30th!!

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    Congratulations on the new website ! I love the new format and everything seems much easier to find. Keep up the good work, and thanks for a great job on managing the message board !!

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    The site looks amazing – Thank-you!

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    The new site is WONDERFUL! I love the design and ease of use and being able to search and the video section, but mostly, the continuing integrity with which the site has always been developed. I love that I never feel as if I’ve participated in gossip when I visit…I always feel clean, informed and educated without prying or taking too much. That’s nice. Thank you.

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    Love the new site design, Seán. It’s beautiful!

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    Sinead McCormack

    Wow, looks great Sean, Really lovely.
    ps I’m still reeling in shock that I am not thanked at the end:-)

  11. Seán

    Thanks a million guys! I’m really glad you like it 🙂

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    Congrat’s on the new site! Looks fantastic.

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    nelson (Brazil)

    Hello sean, love the new site. Its impeccable. Leveraging … Kate Bush everywhere she goes?

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    Thanks all of you working on this new website; it’s looking “vet cool” as we call it in Holland and as always a pleasure to visit, to read the latest, respectfully and importantly , regarding Mrs.Bush.

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    Congratulations Sean on a fantastic re-vamp of your news site!!.. I’ll check back on a regular basis to find out what Kate’s up to!!..

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    Fabulous redesign, congratulations!

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    Wow, the new site looks great!! 🙂

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    Congratulations on the new look site. Its very pleasing on the eye ….and the other one.

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    Sean, the new site is brilliant! Great work!

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    Barend Schuurman

    A great new look for the most wonderful artist ever! Congratzzzzz!

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    Harry Horton

    I’ve gotten to be a Kate Bush fan in earnest since March 2008. I love her music and videos, and its been a great pleasure to listen to them, here in the triangle of central North Carolina. I have not burnt out on them yet. Found a great band from Raleigh North Carolina: The Love Language Music myspace, is the web site to google up to find them. THe best songs on their format I think Brittany’s Back, Summer Dust, Heart to Tell, Sparxxxx. Another round of fantastic music to listen to until Kate Bush’s new fantastic music appears hopefully in the future. Check them out, it well worth the venture.

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    Lesley Sharp

    Fabulous new site 🙂

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    Wonderful job. All things surrounding Kate are good. Kate is a true angel.

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    andy murray

    have we a release date yet 4 the homeground book?

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