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‘The’ Man with the Child in His Eyes?

The press is having great fun with the story that Steve Blacknell is putting up for auction a handwritten copy of the lyrics to The Man With the Child in His Eyes see HEREHERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.  We doubt if the origin of any of Kate’s songs is quite so simple.  Still, the one thing this shows is that the media is still very much interested in Kate. This bodes well for her next release of work, whenever that may be.

The story is now in the hands of the commentators: see HERE,  HERE, and HERE


Ken on ‘Ken’


Somewhere in Between


  1. Sky

    Thanks for all the links, Peter. The nicest write up is from the Anglophile site – the American media seem a lot more respectful than the UK lot.

  2. Lisa

    It’s a sweet story and photo … but how can he be the subject of the song’s lyrics if it was written so long before he got together with Kate ?

  3. Barbara

    It’s the same Steve Blacknell who appears in the promo for Marillion’s ‘Heart Of Lothian’, and also the promo for Phil Collins’s ‘Hang In Long Enough’.

    I love how it’s told he took her to see Camel in concert – this explains her lending them her Fairlight for use on the ‘Stationery Traveller’ album.

  4. Alexander

    Well, I am a fan. Love this site very much! And as a Musician, love the lyrics, and the special feel one get’s listening to the Music. In the past loved Kates Dancing!!

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