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Newsbits September 2010

Gemma Arterton wants to play Kate in a biopic, should anyone actually be making one – see here here and here …. comedy duo Frisky and Mannish have melded Kate Nash’s cockney pop patter Foundations and Kate’s Wuthering Heights into “a jaw-droppingly brilliant twin-Kate soundclash” see here here and here …. MTV com notes that Maxwell‘s album Now has topped the US charts, and considers that the best moment on the album (“and perhaps the most astonishing moment of Maxwell’s career”) is his cover of This Woman’s Work …. Placebo‘s cover of Running Up That Hill will feature on the Vampire Diaries soundtrack album …. the recent Cardiff Mardi Gras included a presentation by Deborah Withers of her recent book Adventures in Kate Bush and Theory …. American Idols LIVE! brought the top ten finalists from season nine to Seattle’s Key Arena Friday, August 20th, 2010 and contestant Lynche began his set “with possibly the best received song of his Idol run” Kate’s This Woman’s Work …. “I can just about accept that Kate Bush at her dippiest might be channelling the old weird Albion of early pagan folk songs, but the electronic soundscapes of Coil or Psychic TV are as far from folk music as it is possible to go” – Sean O’Hagan reviews Rob Young’s folkopus Electric Eden in The ObserverBig Boi still wants to work with Kate …’Hello Earth’ was selected by Jarvis Cocker on his BBC 6 music radio show, the same Sunday as The Kick Inside was Johnnie Walker’s featured album…


Kate not nominated for RnR Hall of Fame


Kate & Rolf Harris – first excerpt of duet online


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