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Kate Bush, Queen of the Universe

I missed these blog posts which appeared in August and September. Little Girl Lost elevates Kate to the Galactic Monarchy.  Dislocated Underbites et al reviews The Dreaming. The Aardvark likes Cloudbusting. The Politics of Music whacks in a heavy article covering Kate’s entire career, and reviews Aerial.


Favourite Kate?


Kate Bush Tribute Party – Brisbane, Australia


  1. rene abatoir

    Ta 4 links sean.

    The politics thing seems to be a replication of Kate’s wiki entries though.


  2. rene Abatoir

    oh yeh *soz*

    Love the swishy new look btw. Does the recent burst of site-related activity and spruce-upmanship mean something kately this way comes?

    Tell it like it is Seany 😉

    • I’m always hoping something Kately this way comes, but the re-vamp was just something I’ve been wanting to do for years. Wanted to make a site with blog features that still looked like a site. Makes life so much easier, and hence updates will be more frequent.

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