On the New York Capital blog Gillian Reagan asked some friends to talk about their favourite comfort albums: “‘Comfort albums’ are the albums we find ourselves revisiting over and over again, either for a dose of nostalgia or to honor a seasonal tradition. Or they are simply personal classics—records that we must listen to at least once a year, particularly this time of year, for whatever reason”.

Rich Juzwiak, who writes about pop culture for the VH1 Blog, his personal site FourFour and elsewhere chose Hounds of Love: “It is ferociously creative in composition, with chord changes to make your head spin and an early embrace of sampling in a non-hip-hop context. Kate’s voice is an emotional wonder, often a confounding counterpoint to the lyrics they’re singing … The moments of beauty, like ‘And Dream of Sheep’ will be that way for eternity, while what hasn’t aged so well takes on new life as camp … Kate Bush isn’t for everyone, but I do think that if you think she isn’t for you, you at least owe it to yourself to try harder.”