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From the vaults: Kate and Big Country – 1986

Here’s one of the best ever examples of Kate supplying backing vocals on another artist’s recordings. Kate singing on Big Country’s “The Seer” from 1986. Lead vocals from the late Stuart Adamson. Well worth a re-visit.



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  1. I’ve always considered her work on The Seer as more than just “backing vocals” – it’s more “featured” status. Since her vocals are so obvious throughout the song. This is one of my favorite collaborations. She sounds amazing.

  2. Sky

    Superb!!! Love this track so much, there’s bags of raw energy and Kate’s guest vocal – yes, so much more than BVs – is spellbinding, as indeed it should be for a Seer. A great band, and a much missed front man. Thanks so much for sharing this. xx

  3. Paul F

    I was just listening to this song and started doing a bit of research. It has always bugged me that Kate’s voice is way back in the mix on this, and apparently the band were equally bugged. The original mix had it as more of a duet before somebody from the record company decided they wanted the album to sound more like their previous work. They got another producer in to remix it, and Kate’s vocals on The Seer all but disappeared.

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