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Well, we were the first site to announce the Aerial album and today we have the pleasure of being the first place you’re going to hear this AMAZING news! Seán, Peter, Krys & Dave.




Director's Cut album artwork





From the press release:

London, 11 March 2011

Kate Bush releases an unusual new album “Director’s Cut” on May 16 on her own label Fish People, in conjunction with EMI.

On “Directors Cut” Kate revisits a selection of tracks from her albums “The Sensual World” and “The Red Shoes”, a process that presents a fascinating portrait of an artist in a constant state of evolution. She has re-recorded some elements whilst keeping the best musical performances of each song – making it something of a director’s cut but in sound, not vision.

A new version of “Deeper Understanding” will be released as a single in April. Although written some twenty years ago, the song may be more relevant today than ever…

Kate is currently working on new material although no release date has been set for this.

“Director’s Cut” will be released in the following formats: Digital Album, Standard CD in a case-bound book, Deluxe CD (three disc package, including Director’s Cut, The Sensual World and re-mastered The Red Shoes) in a case-bound book and two-disc vinyl. Other digital and vinyl formats will be made available on Details will be published shortly.

Note: we realise that this moment of elation for Kate Bush fans coincides with the shocking news of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and elsewhere today. We have heard from our friend Sozo in Japan who provides the Japanese version of this site – he is in the West of Japan and is safe, but fears for his fellow Japanese in stricken areas. Here is a website which outlines how we can all give practical help.

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Kate’s official site undergoing changes?


Deeper Understanding download released on April 5th! Listen to clip!


  1. Lisa

    Fantastic news – can’t wait !

  2. holy shit – this is OUTSTANDING. time to get excited again!!!!! i love deeper understanding… can’t wait to see what she does with it

  3. Two of my favourite albums. Wonderful news, thanks.

  4. John

    Oh, wow – a 3CD set of Kate’s best albums revisited, remastered, and re-jigged. I think The Sensual World in particular will sound simply awesome. There are so many just so many sounds and layers on that album.

  5. len


  6. Jaakko

    Can’t wait for the track listing. Wonderful!

  7. Liz Burrow

    Wow, the best choice for remastering/remixing in my opinion – can’t wait for this. best news of the year so far :o) thanks so much for letting us know. xxx

  8. David B

    is it really Lent?

  9. Karne Newcombe

    I’m marking March 16 on my calendar — in pencil! Ha!

    • Tim

      Did you mean MAY 16th Karne?
      Wow great news and so unexpected! Can’t wait to hear the album!
      A Kate fan from the beginning

  10. Andrew Heritage

    Simply amazing news!!!!!!
    So much love to Kate X X X

  11. Renaud

    Is there a mistake in the announcement ? Why no “re-mastered” Sensual World in the Deluxe package ????

  12. Nico

    Could this be the KT symbol or am I seeing too much??

    KT symbol

    • GER

      thats the right place,,,,I saw it to,,so you don’t see too much…
      greetzzzz G..

  13. Chad Cook

    Thrilling news! She’s back baby! All the Facebook, You Tube, and Twitter posts and announcements. That’s as much activity as the last 17 years combined Best news I’ve heard since, well, Aerial coming out!!!

  14. julian

    It was only a matter of time. : (

  15. Nico

    Notice how there is a little “IX” next to the TK symbol 🙂

  16. John

    On the edge of the film along the bottom row of pictures, you can see a VI in the frames next to the pics of TSW and a VII next to the pics from TRS. Perfect.

  17. GER

    OHHH,,,,this is such a great birthdaypresent for my, (yesterday 😉
    I cant’t wait to hear here again,,,ENJOY,,,,

  18. GER

    OHHH, this is such great news,,,and what a present for my birthday today,,,
    K8,,,THANKXXXXX,, I can’t wait to hear her again,,
    for all of us,,,,THIS MUSIC IS MADE TO BE PLAYED POUD,,
    ENJOY,,,,,,,,,,,, I will….

  19. fantastic news and I can’t wait…

  20. Lisa

    I’ve been saying to my boyfriend for ages,that there seems to be rumblings in the Kate Bush camp& lo! I am right. I absolutley can’t wait & I’m having the 3disc at all costs. Welcome back Kate!!!

  21. Ker-chinggg!

  22. Brian

    What an understated comeback! Can’t wait for the new interrupritations of old songs. Love you, Kate! Always been a fan of The Red Shoes!

  23. Bernie

    Awesome news. Hope they will be released on vinyl as well!

  24. ARoseGrowingOld

    As Kate is a great reader, was the revisting of these 2 albums in particular prompted by the judgements in the most academic study of her work to date ?

    TSW: ‘In particular the mix and production seem muddy and tentative. Lead vocals are routinely under-mixd and too heavily reverbed, instrumentation lacks clarity and separation and, most tellingly, the producer was still persisting with the now outdated Gabriel/Collins ‘big snare sound’ that proves a near constant and intrusive presence on this album’ (p.106)

    TRS: ‘Taken as an entity “The Red Shoes” is of variable quality…In retrospect, the artist admitted that “It’s much too long and it goes on and it gets boring”…The impact of the guest stars is sometimes positive, sometimes irrelevant and on occasion smacks of musical cronyism…[Kate is drawn] into musical genres and timbres that stretch her talents out of the ‘comfort zone’. Neither her voice nor her musical sensibility suits the world of funk. Musicians, regardless of ability, normally work most effectively within certain parameters. In particular, the tracks towards the end of this album merelymake us aware as to precisely where those parameters end.’ (p.121-2)
    R. Moy ‘Kate Bush and the Hounds of Love’ (Aldershot: Ashgate, 2007)

    This was written 4 years ago which would be just right for prompting this response from Kate.

  25. Thank you for the quote!

  26. Mulder's Mum

    Bit disappointed, really wanted some new stuff. Still will see what it is like.

  27. Boolbar

    I for one welcome our new insect overlords re-recorded tracks.

  28. Harry Horton

    I hope somebody is keeping up with the implications of these developments, because there is one major question. If she is going to do revisions of older songs I certainly hope there is no scrapping of the songs that already are out in the public domain. According to the Guardian article of recent days she was quoted as saying she did not like the older ones anymore. So I hope those do not disappear from the video sections and be replaced by these newer ones. Anyway EMI needs to clarify this situation. The public will be the only domain (luckily which is fairly extensive) for keeping her older songs floating around you tube and dailymotion, the video engines that is ect. and as such, the public keeping the older versions that were written in her youth, intact and available to the rest of the public.

    • Hi Harry, there is absolutely no suggestion from any quarter that the original recordings and albums are going anywhere. We already have official confirmation of four of the original albums being re-issued this year. Think of the new Director’s Cut album as an exciting unexpected bonus before the next studio album of original material from Kate.

      • …also remember that Director’s Cut only re-visits a selection of tracks from the two albums, making it a separate entity from her existing catalogue of released albums.

  29. Simon

    Great news but why only The Red Shoes remastered and not The Sensual World also? Sounds odd to me…

    Also, anyone knows what is going on with Hounds of Love on cd? Looks like It is not available anymore to purchase on cd (new). With Hoffman’s remastering on vinyl, I thought perhaps a cd version would come out as well.

    Anyone in the know here?

  30. Harry Horton

    Thanks for the above clarification. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes out in May 2011. Also the new material sounds exciting also.

  31. Thander Easton

    I can´t wait. Love Kate since her early years.

  32. This is great. Kate’s the only artist’s single I’ve ever purchased. The last three times I went to buy new music “off the rack” has been for Kate. April can’t come soon enough. Thanks for what you do Seán.

  33. Also, as I muttered somewhere else on the www regarding why these now: Perhaps she had just made some choices at the time that she found difficult to have to make, perhaps personal compromises that she wants to revisit, or ideas that have occurred to her since.

    No matter, those albums are underrated and, I believe, still ahead of their time. Maybe now is the time. Works for me!

  34. Surely the summings up in Graeme Thomson’s book might have given her the kick up the backside she needed to rework them?

    Less seriously, there must be a Kate fan on the Dave channel because they showed the Russell Howard’s Good News episode where he says ‘I’m the King Of The Mountain!’ in response to being voted No. 8 on Heat magazine’s Top 10 Weird Crushes in 2009!

  35. Rob't

    Any word on an Americn release?

    • Will pass on details as soon as we know, but subject to anything Dave has to say, this seems to be a release through EMI in the UK and available on import elsewhere.

  36. Adrian

    Would love to hear something great by Kate again.
    Cause that unfortunately never happened to me anymore after Hounds Of Love.

  37. Sean Pen

    I can wait, because I leanrned to wait for new releases from her.

  38. Neil

    My Sister has loved Kate’s music for as long as I remember. It took a little longer for me to fall under her spell. A release of any new material, revisited or otherwise is simply a magical event. Does Kate know how devoted her fans are? How about an official DVD of her video’s…one for the future perhaps

  39. Huibert Krabbendam

    I have a very uncanny feeling about the release of “Directors Cut”. It does not feel good. My gutfeeling is shaking and saying stop working and old stuff and make new. And for once make it in Surroud DTS sound so we can all have our ears touch but the magic of that sound system through our favorite singer. Do something new Kate!! Or do nothing. Thatt my freedom of speech.

  40. A real fan

    Wow, great news. But the thing that really would make me fly is a SACD version of Sensual World. Maybe in the next couple of years 🙂

  41. John

    This lady is amazing! Every song is truly a work of art. I have her playlist in my head.

    Lurv ya Kate!

  42. Sherman

    First of all, I must say that after reading the comments it is so good to see all of your familiar names after so many years. I’ve just listened to the album in its entirety courtesy of NPR, and all I can say is “Why, Kate?”

    I have loved Kate since I first heard Hounds of Love as an impressionable 12 year old, in 1985. I have preached the word of Kate for 26 years, and told countless people of my love for her. I was certainly intrigued by the concept of Directors Cut, and understand the motivation. Ultimately, I am left at a loss for why she went down this road. Her songs weren’t broken, and I know that many of you can bring to life in your minds a Kate song by name alone, as can I. It pains me terribly, but these songs feel like subpar covers. Case in point, This Woman’s Work. Listening to it right now, I just don’t see the point. I loved this song as a boy, and many years later as a man expecting his first child. It didn’t need to be updated, because it was perfect . I dunno, guess I’m left a bit sad, but as always hopeful for the next release.

  43. Jose Rafael

    Kate es una mujer muy sensual y su forma de cantar y componer es unica en el mundo espero vuelva con un material totalmente nuevo ya que creci con su musica y su voz….

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