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Kate’s official Facebook Page has a note for the fans regarding her official fan club:


Dear all friends of the official Kate Bush Facebook page and members of KBC. We’re really pleased to see so many people using this page and appreciate all of your wonderful comments.  Like everyone else we’re moving forward in this digital world and will therefore not be accepting physical mail to KBC any more.  So with that, we’re very proud to announce that this page is now the official place to go to and leave your comments.  We’ll be posting regular updates so please continue to stop by and look out for the single release of Deeper Understanding on 5th April.  You can also still join us on YouTube ( and follow on Twitter ( too!


Deeper Understanding download released on April 5th! Listen to clip!


First official image of Kate for Director’s Cut released!


  1. Sky

    Fab, imaginative photo and there’s some humour in there, too. Good to see new pictures (well, one anyhow) of Kate.

  2. Isabelle

    Oh noes, I’m late with my letter! What now? 🙁

    Oh, I was just born too late :/

    Sad the KBC is not working anymore. But I have a big RESPECT for Kate and Lisa for doing that all those years. A lot of work!

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