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Kate’s film for Deeper Understanding debuts on Youtube!

Kate’s official Youtube channel has posted the new film, directed by Kate, which accompanies Deeper Understanding. The clip is also being made available for download on all international iTunes stores.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”518″][/youtube]

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Director’s Cut – Seán’s first impressions…


BBC Radio 2 interview with Kate coming May 9th!


  1. mats (another swede)

    How much i love Kate and her music this was a disappointment.No i did not get it because the spiri and inner meaningt of the song was dissorted in something bla-ha

    • Keith

      Love it! It’s sooooo Kate Bush! Not quite sure what’s going on in all of it, but that just means I have to watch it quite a few more times. One of her most disturbing and darkest, too. THANK YOU KATE!

  2. Candice

    I have loved Kate Bush since I was born (1972, so a bit later). But this is just terrible. I have noticed she has not been the same as she was, but this? Didn’t anyone tell her? I adore KB, always will, I always will, but this is really, really not good, on so many levels. It’s really hard whhen you adore someone and their work and then they completely lose it. I’m sorry, I realize she’s talented, I know that, and maybe that is why this is so sad.

  3. A really nice video. I am amazed. I like the story and the acting. Albert’s lips – so nice and friendly and yet so insidious… And the scene at the party was the climax of the story…
    It was worth waiting.

  4. Grey

    I was hugely disappointed, too. That endless tableau of Coltrane at the computer…so listless.

  5. Calvin

    Video emulated the song, new or older version. Its different, but waiting for my copy when released to hear it as it should, loud and thru a proper Hi Fi and not PC speakers.
    All you Guys and Gals in the Northern Hemisphere will have an advantage on us Down Under.
    But its ordered…..
    Patiently waiting as we all do.

  6. I have adored Kate Bush since a young boy when The Kick Inside first came out.

    I am very excited about this project too. I admit to feeling a little disappointed when I first heard the 30 second snippet – but now I am completely in love with this new version (the original of which has to be in my top ten of favourite Kate Bush songs).

    I was hoping to be a little more bowled over by the video – but I still loved it as it’s Kate.

    Kate should have played Robbie’s wife tho – it was a shame that she didn’t make an appearance!

    Roll on May 16th 😉


  7. kurt birsch

    It’s a great video. Well done Kate.

    cheers Kurt

  8. Rob't

    Beyond the fact that I do not think this song itself was much improved, this video is pretty awful–at least according to me. I feel like I’m seeing someone’s parody of a Kate video rather than the real thing: 360-degree dolly, check!; fisheye closeup, check!; mannered acting, check!; cheesish special effect “sound” entering someone’s mouth, check! And on and on. At least it’s good to know that our Kate is human, and capable of the occasional slip-up.

  9. julian

    great, Like the visual effects and the acting.


    love and light X

  10. Tony

    As always Kate leaves us slightly bewildered and wanting to take another look in the hope that we understand better. I don’t understand but isn’t that the point? Kate is in another league. She makes us think and doesn’t give us the answers. That’s why we keep coming back for more. A genius.

    • lefisce

      Yes, just a right. I felt the sense of a ginius. And reminds da da ism .

  11. Karin (Belgium)

    Absolutely fabulous! Love every kilobyte of it!

  12. Tony

    Do we know whose eyes they are at the end?

    • Probably those are also Albert’s eyes.

      I wish the ending was more vague, not that obvious (and without NF). But you can’t have everything.

      • lefisce

        I haven’t got yet to know who is Albert. So I also suppose they are Del

  13. craig mann

    I am guessing Berties eyes!

    was ok, but wish she was in it 🙁

  14. Günter

    O Kate, where art thou?
    Deeply sorry to have to say it, but this is poor & clumsy acting at it’s best. The storyline comes uninspired and abundant with cliché. This video is an embarrassing desaster. Better be withdrawn.

  15. Alan

    Hmmm not the best video I’ve seen but I can see where she was going with it but not sure it was executed that well. Love the song and love Kate but this could have been a bit better I thought, so a little underwhelmed by it. Looking forward so much to DC though very soon!
    Those are Bertie’s eyes at the end no? He’s got his mother’s stunning looks then! 😉 Alan

  16. Radio orange

    I really enjoyed it.

  17. Kenny

    Strange… very dark indeed, and whilst I wasn’t enamoured with the track on it’s release a few weeks back, I think it works much better as a music video. As music videos go it’s quite off-the-wall and I doubt it’ll get much air time on TV but I think it’s pretty good and has really got me looking forward to the DC release in May now. For those of you who really don’t like it – can’t you see the progression from videos like Hounds of Love or This Woman’s Work? What did you expect – Kate was never going to come out with something like Poker Face now was she? I’d say give it another try, it might grow on you and who knows – maybe you’ll attain that Deeper Understanding.

    I’m a little bit disturbed that I have the same Apple display as Robbie… Oh – and nobody has mentions the product placement yet – Deeper Understanding sponsored by Apple!

  18. John

    I enjoyed this. The song is much better received with the visuals. I’m not surprised that Kate wasn’t the on screen star. Afterall it’s the Director’s Cut. However I’m sure there is a Hitchcock cameo in there.
    An impressive little film none the less. The song is perfect visually and far more accessible.
    Well done Kate!

    • Richard

      There is a woman on the side lines when you first see the crowd at the party – i’m not sure whether its Kate or not…she is standing on the extreme right and then the camera pans left and she is out of shot…its around 3.40

  19. What a great story! I really enjoyed that, especially Robbie Coltrane talking in digital chatter with the coloured lights in his mouth. But best of all, the darkness of the mocking party crowd turning away and abandoning him to his fate.

    Worth getting the version from iTunes, as it’s better quality than the Youtube version.

    • lefisce

      First when I heard’bout Robbie Coltrane from whom forgot now, I asked him to tell what Robbie does play in this tune . Soon he will tell me that and I get to know.

  20. I wanted Moss from the IT Crowd to come in and ask Robbie Coltrane, ‘have you thought of turning it off and on again’?

  21. giulio

    Adorable. Modern. Full of Class.
    This must go on rotation on music channels 🙂

  22. Jakob

    Though I prefer the original song the new one is interesting. Unfortunately, the video is simply horrible. It is a bit surprising that Kate chooses to release this when she has withheld so many really good songs.

  23. Jakob, exactly what do you mean by “simply horrible”? If you are going to make such an extreme and derogatory statement, then please explain yourself.

    • Jakob

      I think the flaws have been mentioned by other people here but I find the video outright ugly, the script banal and following the text without adding anything (actually subtracting), the acting overdone, the camerawork and cutting amateurish, the CGI cheap and the end plain silly. If you want a good example (probably on a much lower budget as well) check the “Mítt Rúm”-version on You Tube mentioned above.

      I really love Kate’s songs and her fantastic personality but I think she should have consulted a friendly professional before releasing this – it is really without any deeper understanding 🙁

      • Jakob

        I think you’ve misunderstood the narrative form and how that determines the genre of the video. Listen to the words. It’s a first-person retrospective account given by the survivor of a traumatic experience. It might be, for example, an account told by a patient to a psychiatrist (we don’t see the “narratee”). So, given that form, what genre? Certainly not hyper-real CGI. That wouldn’t ring true. Remember, it’s a first person retelling, and people don’t retell traumatic experiences in hyper-real CGI, or even with any degree of reality. Typically, they say things like “the sound seemed to actually come out of the screen, i could see it, and it wrapped around my head”. There’s a clumsiness to such retellings. A grasping for expression that says something important about human frailty. And that is, after all, what the song is about – human frailty. Hyper-realism isn’t about human frailty, it’s about technological awe and the superiority of machines. TV and pop aren’t really about human frailty in this deep sense, they are about entertainment and perfect representation of a mastered narrative. So, not hyper-realism, but rather surrealism. That’s the appropriate genre. Surrealism attempts to be true to the fractured, warped, blurry-eyed, ever-failing human perspective. In surrealism, a powerfully tragic gesture presented simply is more human (the inappropriately appearing clown, the crowd turning away, the crucified position of the dancer, the crowd of people with identical masks). The retelling is gestural and populated by strange approximations because we experience and retell the world surrealistically, even more so when traumatised.

        That’s very much Kate’s genre. If you’re expecting something else, you’re probably in the wrong place.


  24. JakeR

    It may be a matter of taste but I suspect that the people here who like Kate Bush as much as a video director as a musician would not mind to have her work as a fire man, aircraft pilot or a brain surgeon either. And speaking of brain surgeons…

  25. Josh

    I don’t really love this video, but it’s not surprising at all. She rarely made amaaaaazing videos (don’t get me wrong, I love many of them, but…come on). It’s kind of fantastic how she’s made a video that feels like it would fit exactly with her other videos. 20 years of technology later, and she’s still made it her own.

    I almost wish the monster from Experiment IV showed up in the end. Maybe it was the Bertie lips all along?

  26. Angie

    I think it’s Kate’s mouth and Bertie’s eyes myself.

    • Sky

      Don’t think this is Kate’s mouth at all – she has such a full bottom lip and a slender top one, and this mouth is more ’rounded’. is it Frances Barber’s?

      • lefisce

        Frances Barber… . seems to be heard ever, hmm , uur a lil but Frances Moran. hmnn. I heard before. From an un used up John.

  27. Felt a bit like TLTC&TC in that it has some great ideas, but seems a little rushed. I’m not sure Mr Coltrane is the right actor for this either – his face isn’t mobile enough for the necessary emotive action – I think Kate should have asked John Simm….

  28. Xavier

    This video is just wrong. It’s got the same feeling as The Big Sky, Experiment IV, Love and Anger, The Line, The Cross and the Curve… Amateur, easy, pretendedly arty, and it ends up just being embarassing!

    As for the song, I really can’t see what it adds to the old version. The whole project seems to me just wrongly conceived. Anyway, it is her right to do whatever she wants and I just hope that I will be mistaken and the whole thing will make sense in the end.

  29. Karen Newcombe

    This almost seems like a snippet from a larger story that has been removed from its context. A bit like when you take any of the TRS videos out of TLTCTC, they seem a bit strange and lonely on their own by comparison with TWW or Cloudbusting that are fully realized and self-contained.

    • Sky

      That’s a fascinating idea – maybe the DC songs hang together as a story and are linked by videos – as Kate did with TRS in the 1990s. I would love to see a full album load of videos – maybe we will?

  30. mats (another swede)

    I just think kind Kate wanted to give us something in a rush but not being bothered with advicers, spending tooo much money and a well developed idea.And thats very nice of her.This is just so realy bad and havent she learned anything from the Red Shoes movie.But its nice to have her back

  31. Colin Malley

    Rubbish version of this song and now allied with a rubbish video. I was hoping desperately that the video would lift the song but am sad to say this really misses the mark on many levels. The fact is the song is just not as rich and melodic as the original…maybe that’s the point but if it is then I’m afraid to say I have missed it. Hoping the rest of the album fares better.

  32. John

    Very Pink Mules!!

    • Sky

      Hmm, I wonder if we could tempt the Pink Mules film crew out of retirement? 🙂

  33. This is one of Kate’s most deepest and darkest videos I’ve ever seen. But I thought that Robbie Coltrane was top notch in this and so was Bertie. (lip-sync??)The scene that affected me was when Noel Fielding was really controlling the console. Insofar as Kate’s directing skills, this is a good step above TLTCTC. Again, can’t wait ’til May 17.(Director’s Cut release date in North America)

  34. I have to say that I’m a little more than disappointed with other people’s lack of enthusiasm for the video/single. There seems to be so much unnecessary hostility towards it, and I truly cannot understand why. Did people expect to see Kate rolling around on the floor for six and a half minutes? That’s the impression that I’m getting with some comments. Whether the video was “rushed” or not, or whether it’s part of an even greater picture, I’m sure it’s what Kate intended – otherwise it wouldn’t have been released. Some fans seem to forget that Kate does like to mix things up a bit with each new project, which is something I have always personally liked. It keeps things fresh, in my opinion, and you aren’t getting the same repetitive thing over and over again. I think the biggest problem is that people are comparing Director’s Cut too much to the tracks from The Sensual World and The Red Shoes, when they should be treating them as different entities altogether. If people can get past the comparing thing, they may enjoy what’s coming a lot better. I’ve been a fan for a very long time and I’m very excited about Director’s Cut coming out. I feel like a young teenager again discovering Kate’s music for the first time. I just wish more people felt that way as well!

    • Eireann

      My sentiments exactly, Rinfy!

    • Neil

      Well said!

    • Izzy

      Kate moves on. People do not. It’s probably hard for the oldest fans now.

      Comparing Kate to Kate is not a good idea to me. It’s Kate Bush 2011.

      She said it’s going to be a short movie. So here it is. Not a Suspended in Gaffa 2 video. No dancing on the floor. A movie with a message. A lot of great people were involved in it.

      Most of the opinions are ‘like’ or ‘don’t like’. NOW. But only time will tell about the value of the video.

      Kate Bush- I have a big respect for the artist and for the Director’s Cut project. The video was something new to me. I wish you all the best and good luck with other projects. And as usual, hope you don’t care what people say. Just stay yourself and do your job. And enjoy being behind the camera!

      • Jakob

        “Just stay yourself and do your job” Yes, please… and that should be_music_ Life is too short to be wasted and there are other people out there ready to help with the directing.

    • Well, Rinfy, I suppose fans listen over and over again to the music until it becomes a personal connection, so that they feel (in the words of the Mojo interview) that altering them is a bit like retouching the ceiling of the Sistine.
      I agree that she’s doing all this for herself and is long past worrying about critical or fan reaction….

    • Jakob

      “… people’s lack of enthusiasm”??? Are we talking about a [really bad] video or ranks in a “true belivers”-cult? Please consider the possibility that all things touched by Midas does not turn to gold automatically…

    • Ben

      Well said, exactly. Too much anonymous jaded bitching online these days. It rather proves the point of the song and video, all this slagging off of other people’s personal creativity, rather than doing something positive and interactive themselves. Screw ’em, Kate!

    • lefisce

      not compliment, I say yes. I extol the one of this woman’s work .

  35. joel

    When I first met Kate, it was love at first sight. I don’t know if I’m blind but I still do love everything about her, and Deeper Understanding was one of my favorite song. I was a bit worried with the Director’s cut idea but then again, Kate surprised us and it is great; I’m so happy to rediscover this beautiful song under a new light, certainly more accurate nowadays, the 1989’s version being more optimistic, and this one darker for sure. The video again is a perfect extension of the song, and I like the way Kate is in control : never it betrays the song, and always it will try to follow it, to serve it and to me, it’s the point : A video is there to illustrate a song, not to sell garbage music with pseudo movies ordered to famous directors…

    So thank you Kate to be true to yourself, and then to us. I love you.

    • lefisce

      I love you, too. This is so well done that I feel luv ‘o’ Kate .

  36. giulio

    I see Kate Bush’ s high quality music has ended up spoiling a lot of fans, always unhappy and over critical about whatever she releases. I remember the cold reaction shown after the release of ‘Lyra’, one on the highest peak in her career, as far as I am concerned.
    No surprise, then, if Kate decided to retire definitely.
    I am so happy with this new video, where the essence of Kate Bush Touch is all over it.
    Kate Bush is opinionated. If somebody is looking for perfection, well…take a look on the music charts.
    W Kate. Go on Kate. And THANKYOU for sharing your art with us.

  37. Karen Newcombe

    Just as life is not black and white, neither is Kate’s work. If every one of her songs and videos carried equal emotional weight and equal appeal to every person on the planet, we’d be robots. There is variation in her work; there is variation in the opinions of her fans. Does not some sage tell us this is the spice of life? If music be the food of love, then eat the music, baby.
    Play on.

    • lefisce

      nice fanta! A V Visu ‘O’ Audi arte per l’arte perfecta

  38. Ed Kollin

    Do not like this auto – tone version as pure audio. Video just stunned me in a good way on a gut level. I wish amazing verbiage to write as to why but I feel that way but I just do. Musically I liked her when her vocals were all over the place but as said before we can’t expect Kate Bush 2011 to be Kate Bush 1978-1982 neither she or we are the same. Want sudden dramatic female vocal changes Jessie J is the one now (Of course different in every other aspect to Kate)

  39. Craig

    “I see Kate Bush’ s high quality music has ended up spoiling a lot of fans, always unhappy and over critical about whatever she releases.”

    Or maybe… this just isn’t a great video.

    For my part I have always felt that the music videos were the weakest part of Kate’s repetoire. A low budget was often to blame (especially in the early 80s) but there were also problems with the idea and execution of many of her videos. It might just be that her artistic visions are hard to translate into a 3 or 4 minute video often made with limited resources.

  40. Keith

    If I had to pick something I don’t like about this short film is that Kate Bush isn’t in it; however, I’m also glad she just decided just to direct it, because I think she’s made a stride in filmmaking, and, particularly, from TLTC&TC. After reading about her disappointment with that film and feeling that she had let down people, I was really concerned that she’d never make another film, long or short. I’m very glad she found the courage though to do this short work. May be music came easily to her and at a young age, but another one of her loves, filmmaking, is just taking more time to cultivate–makes me think, “It’s the journey, not the destination.” Quite frankly, I don’t mind following her in her filmmaking journey. Do I like DU as much as some of her other motion pictures? Well, so far, it’s not my favorite, but I like it more than a couple of others; and, in time, I might find that it’s in my top 5. Ultimately, I just can’t help appreciating Kate’s work to some degree. It always challenges me in some way, and reminds me that I need to work with it.

  41. karen

    love it! love it! love it! cant wait for the new album!!

  42. There is something to be said for the argument that some fans “timelock” (I know it’s a bit Doctor Who-ish) an artist, so when that artist steps outside the box and does something different, the fans take it personally. Let’s not forget what happened when Dylan went electric. It’s Kate music, art and vision. I may not like every single she does, but I support her artistry. Her music has been part of my life for nearly 30 years, and no matter what she does – the music remains. The DU video is one tiny part of the whole DC experience. From the clips I’ve heard, this album is going to be stunning. Before we shut down the ride, let’s take the journey first and see where it takes us.

    • Izzy

      Well said, Collin. As usual.
      And we must remember that our first impressions may be completely different from our feelings towards the piece of art after a month or later. But those harsh words written in emotions won’t disappear from here or other KB official sites which now stand in place of the KBC. The internet is an easy to use tool of destruction and many artists, sportsmen and others suffered because of people’s lack of any respect towards them.

      But Kate Bush will remain who she is and I hope she’ll be as creative as she is now for the rest of her life. The album is already amazingly controversial because she changed some sounds and a couple of lines! But this is something I am looking forward- a set of completely refreshed songs I love. Upgraded, polished and changed the way she liked it. New Kate Bush. Again. Hold your breath!

  43. RobB

    I was captivated by ‘the crowd’ scene of family & friends where they are laughing and pointing and then suddenly stop to turn away. I thought that was very effective.
    The rest of the film though was rather repetative and uninspiring?

  44. Daryl B

    I can’t beleive why people are wondering why Kate wasn’t in the video. She’s in it!…with the two kids and is there with the group when they all point and laugh then have the serious face again. Have another look! She’s right there!
    BTW I LOVE the ‘Directors Cut’ and LOVE the video…keep on going Kate – can’t wait for the new studio album you’ve written for already 🙂

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