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New interview with Kate in the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag!

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“I always got distracted” runs the headline of the new interview Kate did with Harald Peters in the German language newspaper Welt am Sonntag (the Sunday version of the popular Die Welt publication). The interview can be found here, and translated (loosely) into English by Google here. Nice, conversational tone to this one 🙂 UPDATE: Johan, on our site forum, has provided a better translation here. (thanks Johan)

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Robbie Coltrane takes up role as a geek for new Kate Bush music video


Mark Radcliffe interviewing Kate today for his BBC Radio 2 & 6Music shows


  1. giulio

    Kate Bush has often referred to the importance of professions like being a doctor,
    or a nurse….people who save other people.
    ”but fame is not really important”… 🙂 a down-to-earth Kate Bush… 🙂

  2. mats (another swede)

    Wow-for being Kate she talks alot, much better and straight than the the boring Mojo-interview though the transaltion often fails.

    He actually dared to say he did not like the Red shoes album, nothing british journalists would confront her with, and she got a good answer.Heard she will do an interview for a swedish paper as well soon but it might be a rumour…….

  3. The Mojo interview was a wasted opportunity. This one reads as though she said more to the interviewer. Was the hero in the book ‘Waiting For Kate Bush’ a lingerie model, or was this a mistranslation of something else?

  4. Did anyone see Frances Barber in ‘Friday Night Dinner’? She portrayed Sheila Bloom (no relation), a swanky neighbour nicknamed ‘Bitchface’, who bores the family about her Mercedes and who may have had a fling with the dad.

    I don’t think she resembles Kate much, but she did resemble Jackie Collins in her push-up bra and tiger-patterned jacket and trousers!

  5. Mike

    Kate is so down to earth, not in a forced way but very naturally. What a nice person she is.

  6. Jaakko

    “Doctors, nurses – they have important jobs.” – Such a wholesome attitude, and also a beautiful tribute to her mother and father.

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