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Director’s Cut: a much-needed re-cap!

Director's Cut - Kate Bush - 2011

Here at the excitement is palpable. Ever since we first noticed some mysterious changes to Kate’s official site on the afternoon of the 11th of March it’s been non-stop. We’ve had the album announcement, the first clip of Deeper Understanding and brilliant new images of Kate, the single premiere on April 4th, some first looks at the fascinating album packages, a brace of early enthusiastic album reviews (including my own) the momentous video premiere which had everybody talking (not least a spooky floating pair of lips!) and quite a few more interviews than maybe might have been expected, including the must-have MOJO cover feature which is in the shops now. Thanks for all the support and feedback, we’ve never experienced this volume of visitors before, which makes it all the more exciting. And here was me thinking Noel Fielding prancing about in a a red dress for Comic Relief was going to be the news highlight of the year! (It was pretty phenomenal though, Noel). So, here’s our attempt to quickly summarise what’s going to happen next, to the best of our current knowledge. Coming up:

  • Tomorrow evening, Wednesday May 4th, at 7.15pm UK time, John Wilson interviews Kate at her home for the BBC Radio 4 Front Row programme.
  • Then, this coming Friday 6th May, Sinead Gleeson’s interview with Kate in The Irish Times is published.
  • Monday 9th May sees Kate chatting to Ken Bruce on his BBC Radio 2 show from 9.30am.
  • Friday 13th May sees Director’s Cut released in Ireland and some other European territories (this follows a similar Friday release pattern in those places for Aerial in 2005)
  • Monday 16th May is the official UK release date of Director’s Cut on Kate’s new Fish People label in conjunction with EMI. Kate has stated that she considers this to be her ninth studio album. The album is released on CD, 3-disc Collector’s edition, double vinyl and download on iTunes with what is promising to be a beautifully presented package. We. Cannot. Wait.
  • This same date, Monday 16th May, also sees the re-release on Kate’s Fish People label of The Dreaming, Hounds of Love, The Sensual World and The Red Shoes on CD after a considerable absence from many shop shelves. (We’ve also seen an Aerial re-release listed but we need to confirm that one). We definitely know that The Red Shoes will be a new re-mastered version (as included with the 3-disc edition of Director’s Cut.)
  • Tuesday 17th May sees the first portion of Mark Radcliffe’s chat with Kate air on BBC Radio 2 at 11pm.
  • Monday 23rd May – Friday 27th May is “Kate Bush Week” on the BBC 6Music radio station. A radio documentary on Kate will air on the night of Monday May 23rd. Each day of this week from 2.30pm to 3pm 6Music will play a section of Mark Radcliffe’s interview with Kate along with songs from Director’s Cut.

Kate Bush - 2011


New interview with Kate in Friday’s The Irish Times


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  1. Thanks for the round-up, Sean!

  2. Karin (Belgium)

    Thank you 🙂

  3. mats (another swede)

    Thanks for all the good work you are doing for us fans!!!!!!!!

  4. Natan

    Excellent work!!

  5. It’s certainly an exciting time to be a Kate Bush fan! Her mere re-emergence is enough to make many of us go into a state of irregular heartbeat however with this new (yes, I said new) album and all of these interviews PLUS the hints of some live performance in the future must have sent the Kate radars absolutely bonkers, just like the rest of us then.

    Fabulous list of everything that’s going on, it’s good to take a step back and see everything that’s happened. Simply mind boggling, bring on Director’s Cut!

  6. Tony

    Hey Sean and team. Thank you again for the amazing update and for keeping us true Kate fans a-tinglewith excitement. This truly is such an exciting time.

  7. Witek

    Can’t wait to hear “Flower Of The Mountain” as well as all other tracks on the album. I’ve already ordered it, just 2 weeks more waiting…

    Thanks for all good news, well done!

  8. fleasus

    Great idea.

    Thanks to Seán & co for this excellent – ahem – “aerial” view. A great resource for keeping track of all the build-up and excitement to the release of Director’s Cut – and a well-timed reminder to just enjoy it.

    Keep up the good work x

  9. Joab

    Thank you, Seán!

  10. I really hope Kate sells some of these photos as large prints on her website, just like with the Aerial ones. This, and the scissors/filmstrip wieilding one would make awesome wall pictures.

  11. Pekka

    Great round-up of things, this will help to keep up with everything! Who could have guessed this Spring turned out to be like this (well, Kate would have…)

  12. giulio

    Thank you so much for this sum up!!! 🙂
    Kate, we’ve been patiently waiting for your come back 🙂
    THANKYOU!!! 🙂

  13. Gio Willis

    I prefered the older version of Deeper Understanding, but I am waiting to hear this album before judging, especially ”Never Be Mine”, which is one of my Kate’s favourite tracks ever. The video to Deeper Understanding was a sort of delusion to me, although the actor was really great in his role, I did not appreciate the rest… the vocoder voice, the ridiculous mouth and the end…. (eyes plus mouth??) and not even an appeareance by Kate herself……

  14. Karen Newcombe

    Great roundup – thanks so much! It is the merry month of May indeed!

  15. johan

    While I am very excited about the prospects of new Kate material (even if parts are relatively old), I do not understand why Red Shoes is remastered and Sensual World is not. Have they at least punched up some of the levels so it isn’t so quiet in comparison? And now all these old albums are coming out again, but why bother unless she has supervised remastering? Not the best way to launch her own Fish People label if you ask me, but then again, she didn’t…

  16. Eric

    And possibly we are the first: Thursday May 12th we’ll have an Album Launch party for Director’s Cut in Amsterdam, where the record will be sold.

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