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Kate talks to The Sunday Business Post tomorrow!

Nadine O'ReganAnother interview tomorrow sees Nadine O’Regan talking to Kate in The Sunday Business Post. You may remember Nadine talking about having heard a playback of the album on Phantom FM here. The print edition hits Irish shops tomorrow and the online edition will be out 10am Monday morning. Update: highlights below, full article here.


“If people want to compare me to Greta Garbo, that’s fine by me,” she laughs. Nothing earth-shatteringly new in this interview, but it is a very nicely written, well-rounded overview of Kate’s career and another Director’s Cut interview that covers Joyce, her thoughts on live work and the pace of her output. The lyrics of Deeper Understanding are reproduced in a sidebar. Conducted over the phone, Kate apologised to Nadine for being late: “Nadine, I’m so sorry…it’s just been such a nutty day”. Meanwhile Nadine O’Regan comments “I marvel that she’s actually saying my name” O’Regan describes Kate as “warm, deeply likeable and even maternal.” The intensity of this current period for Kate is evident. “At the moment it’s just ridiculously busy” The article should be online tomorrow at the Sunday Business Post website. The same “Tibetan girl” photo is used in the article and, as with the Irish Times, it features on the front cover of the paper also. This photo seems to be credited to Trevor Leighton, not John Carder Bush but I’ll try to confirm that.
On Director’s Cut: “I think of it as a new record. It doesn’t feel to me like they come from two separate pieces of time”. On recording techniques: “With The Red Shoes, that was done at a time when digital equipment had suddenly come on the scene. Although there are advantages to working digitally, it doesn’t have the same warmth and fullness that analogue has – so for this record, we transferred any original performances that we were keeping back to analogue tape. I worked between analogue and Pro Tools – hopefully getting the best of both worlds: the warmth of analogue and the technical agility of Pro Tools. With This Woman’s Work and Moments of Pleasure, I just wanted to start from scratch. And take the key down a bit because my voice is lower now. And take away some of the elements that clutter it up a bit.” On losing her mum while making The Red Shoes: “It was (tough)….life has a way of throwing things at you. But I had written all the songs. And that was a blessing because just to carry on the recording after she died was not so difficult as if I had to be writing material.” On live performance: “It’s a fascinating art form. There’s a great spontaneity and vulnerability to it.”


Listen to an excerpt from next Monday morning’s BBC Radio 2 interview with Kate!


Del Palmer writes a piece for the imminent re-launch of Kate’s official site!


  1. giulio

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Karin (Belgium)

    I wish we could get these newspapers here. Digital is nice and fast and great, but this recycled teenager likes to “hold” the news. It feels so … good old fashioned.

  3. kurt birsch

    Lots of recent DC interviews are great, but I’m curious to find out more about the Fish People label and why it was created, and her business relationship with EMI. Perhaps a business paper might reveal some news on the legalities of Kate’s work. Might explain the gaps between albums and the current surge in productivity. Or maybe I should mind my own business? 🙂

    cheers Kurt

  4. Izzy

    That would be Trevor Leighton’s second take on strange furry hats with Kate Bush.

    It looked like his work to me… His art is incredibly beautiful and surprising.

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