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Listen again to today’s Ken Bruce chat with Kate!

The most relaxed interview with Kate yet, if that’s possible. She seems in such great form these days. Ken Bruce also premièred the new Moments of Pleasure (well, most of it) in this programme. If you haven’t heard it, you’re in for such a treat. (thanks again to Hammer Horror on the forum for the MP3) UPDATE: The BBC website review of Director’s Cut has been posted here. The review sees Kate as an “artist reborn” and calls Director’s Cut “a gorgeous body of work.”

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One week to go…


BBC iPlayer today – listen to The Red Shoes and This Woman’s Work


  1. Kate speaking so honestly and warmly about her father’s support (with the blackbirds singing in the background) is a lovely, lovely thing to hear…

  2. Frage

    Lovely to hear her interviewed. However, what has she done to Moments of Pleasure? I’m sorry (and I know I’ll get criticised for daring to not like something she’s done) but it sounds dull and disjointed. She’s ruining her own legacy. The more I hear snippets of these re-worked songs, the more I ask myself “Whhyyyyyy???!”

    • John

      I know what you mean. Kate flirts a little with murdering the track I feel. It also seems a little bloated. But then repeated listening may alter that. The older Kate is producing a moodier sound than before. I think Director’s Cut, like Aerial, will dictate to me when it wants to be listened too, not the other way round!

      But then the original is so iconic and as there are no tours with their variations of it it’s suddenly strange to have a new version to contend with. I have a feeling the reworking of This Woman’s Work is going to be similar. At least she isn’t shouting the songs in the same way as the older Madonna and Annie Lennox do with their material these days.

    • cwg

      I don’t think I could disagree more. This newer version is so completely lush and thick with emotion in that quiet, almost still way that our mature Kate seems to utterly excel at… this is so rife with feeling, the same sort that found it’s home in a Coral Room. I was utterly transported and I do agree with so many of the reviews that this is a brand new, relevant and revitalised Kate!!!

      Simply can’t WAIT to have this for my own!

      • Adam

        Hear hear. The Red Shoes is by far her worst album. Yes, moments of pleasure is the best track on it, but this new version is so much more personal, sang with real passion. I don’t at all think one should like EVERYTHING she puts out, but in this case I feel like she’s doing the right thing. She’s making those two albums better, because they are just not good in so many places, in so many ways. I for one am glad she’s acknowledging that.

    • MirrorGirl

      I don’t necessarily think that these are “better” than the originals, nor even necessarily “worse”; they’re different, coming from a very different place at a very different time. A couple of people who have reviewed this album have described these version of the songs as Kate’s version of a live performance version, which would, naturally, be different. The spare sound, pared-down vocals, solo piano, are all what one would expect in a live setting. The best bands always play their album songs very differently live, because they see the songs as living things which grow and change, not as static, fixed-in-time one-off’s. With Kate’s work we have had no opportunity to see what she’d do without the studio and multiple tracking to support the song. Part of the problem for fans is just that–people think of the songs like paintings, done and never to be altered even a little bit, something that would never happen if she took those songs out on the road. Remember the live “Breathing” performed for Comic Relief? It’s radically different from the album version, but really great. So I’m all for this endeavor, even when it doesn’t quite work for me.

      I think this version of “Moments of Pleasure” is beautiful, reminding me a bit of “A Coral Room.” I also really like the new “Lily,” “Song of Solomon,” and the very quiet “This Woman’s Work.” The others, not sure yet, except that I don’t like what she did with “The Red Shoes,” which is a favorite of mine. “Top of the City” sounds interesting, as does “And So Is Love.” And my goodness, she channels The Stones on “Rubberband Girl”! You have to admit it’s a least fun. It’s a night in a small club with Kate Bush, a piano, and a backing rock ‘n’ roll band. Enjoy it.

  3. Izzy

    Absolutely grateful for the interview. Some NEW interesting information given.

    And the new Moments of Pleasure… Kate and her piano. Oh my! That was amazing… (almost cried) I love the new Kate Bush. Absolutely. It’s a step FORWARD from Aerial. It’s level up!

  4. mats (another swede)

    The new Moments is actually very very different and almost a new song and i can understand the feelings of the above commentor.But for me she has taken the cliche out of a song that bordered to (….) and created something quit moving and beautiful.Listen again, it will get to you

    • Frage

      I hope it does;) They did only play a short segment, so perhaps in the context of the whole song, it will grow.

  5. deborah

    wow!!! Kate is in such a happy place isnt she?!!!
    What a wonderful, warm , relaxed and happy interview and as for Moments of Pleasure…what can I say? I was so worried about this one as I had it played at my wedding and its such a special song to me but hey!!! I LOVE it!!

  6. Jari

    WOOW!! I am simply loving these new Kate interviews. She is so happy, kind humorous and relaxed. I love to hear her laugh!!
    Moments Of Pleasure…. Oh God! I actually love this version even more than the original (which I love as well…). I love her singing style in this, it feels kind of “free”, personal and intimate…. I was first shocked to hear she has taken away the chorus, but i guess it makes sense “just being alive” probably doesn’t hurt anymore as much as it did then… 🙂 and the choir instead of the chorus is actually perfect… Reminds me a bit of Hello Earth… 🙂
    Thanks again!

  7. dreamtimetk

    The interview was unforgettable, the way she was talking about her past, her Father… make me think she is a very strong person. I love the fact she was very relaxed and the questions were never dull or insignificant.
    I hoped the new version of Moments of Pleasure was only piano and voice and so it was 🙂
    She cut the main chorus but I believe this reflects her spirit now when a few years passed when her father died…. and the chorus with the only voice sounds like remembering her losses through her music only, word are not needed for this, stunning!!. Now I am even more impatient to hear the rest of the album. I know it is only a few more days 😛

  8. RobB (Kestrel)

    For those interested, the interview was taped at 1.30pm last Wednesday, 4th May.
    Many thanks to Gary Bones, producer of the Ken Bruce, show for the info.

  9. Neil

    Just blissful.

  10. fleasus

    Kate Bush – sounding happy and making music that confounds all expectations.


  11. Thanks Seán and team. This is just great. I have question I hope you might be able to answer: Will I be able to get Director’s Cut in my local music store in Berlin like I did Aerial?

  12. Vibesinthesky

    Moments Of Pleasure is one of my favourite Kate songs, and this version is truly beautiful, it has taken on an extra dimension for me! A wonderful interview too, Kate seems to be in a really happy time in her life. Full marks to her dad, too, for giving her the belief in her talent. Bring on the album!

    • Tony

      I agree. Kate’s parents gave a beautiful, gift to the world. How wonderful that they encouraged creativity and self expression from such an early age.
      And thank you, vibesinthe sky, for your excellent work with Kate’s somngs on youtube. I loved the treat yesterday using Leave it Open. It really got me in the Kate mood (well I have been for weeks).

  13. Karen Newcombe

    Brilliant – what a lovely interview. It is so wonderful to hear Kate return to the warm, funny conversational interview style that she had early in her career, and I particularly loved the bird chatter in the background, how nice to share a moment in the garden. Moments of Pleasure sounds brilliant – these are grown up, wise, beautiful revisionings of these songs, and I can’t wait to hear them all.

  14. giulio

    O gosh, I think the new ‘Moments Of Pleasure’ is a pure gem…. 🙂
    Kate new lower voice almost whispering the lines, her piano, the choral that reminds me of the beautiful ‘Lyra’, the absence of the conventional orchestra that finally allows the song to really take off and breathe…. 🙂
    This is Kate Bush with her artistic batteries all charged up… 🙂
    This is ART

    • tapready

      I also love the new “Moments of Pleasure” a bit more than the original. And I did cry the first time I heard it. I’ll admit it.

  15. I think the new version of Moments of Pleasure is MUCH better than the original. It’s absolutely haunting. What a brilliant interview. This is the best of the bunch so far.

  16. Was so excited to listen to this, and felt shudders of beauty down my spine. And then the humming…I suddenly felt she had left out an excellent piece. But the way she lifts the key for New York is excellent and on second listen I feel it has truly taken a new life from the past one, and as one has said above, no longer clichéd but one of warmth and mortality.

  17. giulio

    What a fantastic song the new ‘Moments Of Pleasure’ is.
    You can almost feel/hear Kate touching the microphone with her
    own lips while singing… We’re there, just there.
    O Kate…..Thankyou so much Kate. Thank you
    Wordless beauty

  18. David M

    I am also a Kate purist and love everything she has done, the new version of ‘Moments’ is absolutely perfect at one point I could’nt breathe it was that good.

    We should never doubt her, she clearly knows exactly what she is doing. Love the comment that said ‘This is ART’ never a truer word written.

  19. Jaakko

    The best new interview so far…. Her happiness is so contagious!

  20. kennym

    I listened to this at work this afternoon. Beautiful interview – I loved the way she thanks Ken and his producer at the end. But I was so glad I have 2 HUGE displays to hide behind as this new version of Moments of Pleasure had me in tears. This is an extremely natural and raw approach to such a beautiful song. I have to admit I found the the humming/chorus a bit of a shock initially, but then I realised it made me think of all the loved one’s she singing about are there singing with her. And “New York” sounds divine. I can’t wait to hear the whole track, I think Kate may have surpassed A Coral Room with this one. From what I’ve heard so far, this really sounds like Kate Unplugged, stripped bare of all the digital effects. Truly beautiful.

  21. Wow! Moments of Pleasure sounds so different. I can’t wait to hear the full album. Unfortunately, we have to wait an extra week where I am before it’s released : ( Wonderful interview too! It reminds me of the time when Kate came to Toronto back in December 1993 to promote The Red Shoes and have a special viewing of The Line, The Cross & the Curve. The local “cool” radio station had a live phone in interview with Kate, and what made it even more remarkable is that the phone lines were open for all of Canada and the U.S. It amazes me now due to the fact that it really was an uncontrolled interview, but it was absolutely nice. Everyone that got through was very respectful, myself included, and Kate was absolutely delightful. This interview reminds me of that one. Thanks for posting it.

  22. Im chucking a Carrie Fisher and am now absolutely in love with this new cd which at first sounded like a SHOCKING DISAPPOINTMENT,and could have ruined my life,but a nerd told me to get this nerdtacular speaker for the laptop and finally the excerpts dont sound like they are being played in a tin can,sorry(Ive got a super duper stereo for cds) .
    I actually have to change my track suit pants each time I think about it.

  23. lefische

    Very the perfection is one above all.
    Greatly is there the woman works.
    Brighten is the brilliant ingland.
    Music is with birds and muse alive.
    Is Kate Bush.

  24. velvetsiren

    Ain’t we lucky that she shares it with us?! 😀 Thanks Kate! (& website people 🙂 )

  25. Andrew Liu

    Thanks to Kate’s dad for being the first and the most supportive audience in Kate’s career as a singer song writer. It was so moving to me when she told us that her dad listened to every song she wrote when she was a child- she was just being listened to and validated. Her dad was indeed a hero whose action has nurtured the talents and creativity of our Kate Bush.

    • Dr. Bush seemed to have a lot more time for young Cathy’s budding compositions than some fathers would have for their children’s.

  26. Brandon

    Amazing interview!! I love that they did this outside in her garden with the birds chirping. And so funny to hear Kate pause and say “Oh! A goose just flew over.'”

    It is so nice to see how much everyone is enjoying the new moments of pleasure. Absolutely beautiful. This song has always been dear to me, and I think this version is just amazing. I agree with earlier comments, “haunting” indeed!

  27. Brandon

    Also, very interesting to hear Kate’s closing comments to her interviewer. She was well aware that Deeper Understanding was not an obvious choice for a single. I’ve read many people saying that it was a bad choice for a single. I wouldn’t agree at all. It just wasn’t an obvious one, and I love that Kate continues to surprise us by not making the obvious move.

  28. Elizabeth

    Kate and her piano- perfection.
    Absolute perfection.
    No one can even touch her- she is in a world of her own.
    She makes my life complete- ever since 1986.

    • lefisce

      Iz, just two aw we all left alone behind them commentators no not wee fairly queer in xxxx heads’ freaks went craz’bout kB Now we two thanx again to Gary Bones and Ken Not to say I hitted again a bottle with a seal of 12 lucky strike and not to say mor’bout the pick of the bunch YumYum warmthn’ smooth mortality and wordless to say Happy Wedding ! Paul of tB.

  29. Gio Willis

    Simplicity is the secret of this album. Some of Kate’s most well remembered songs like Under The Ivy were played with piano and voice. Here the arrangement of ”Moments of Pleasure” is very essential but gives the meaning of the song the same intensity and perhaps more interpretation in the vocals. I am not sure whether this album will be a hit in the charts but it will be something different.

    • lefisce

      I quitely agree with Gio. I also feel the vocals in the way of more interpretation then the charts is to be something different this time.

  30. Radioorange

    I felt quite moved by the new version of Moments Of Pleasure. Like with all of Kate’s work you need to listen a couple of times to get the feel and vibe. The interview was also a joy.

  31. Eireann

    wonderful to hear Kate in all these new interviews, what a kate-year this has turned out to be! Good to hear that she knew that DU was not the obvious choice for a single, but still she went ahead and did it her own way. Aww, that’s our Kate allright. I have always loved MoP, but this new version – wow!

  32. Thomas

    Listened to this latest interview and I smiled all the way through. MoP is heart crushingly beautiful and I still believe that these tracks are “live” versions, as in how they could be presented for an audience. Warmer, more intimate and simply, wonderful songs.
    “This week dragged past me so slowley…..” B76 – Bring on Monday!
    I’m buzzing with excitement and know you are too. So brilliant…..

  33. Harry Horton

    In one interview Kate Bush did, she stated she was inspired to write her present new songs for a forthcoming album by putting a bag of fertiser on her piano. The article title is: Kate Bush inspired to write by fertiliser. My Retail Heaven is the magazine that carried this piece. I wish she could grow a tree out of her piano. Everytime she would strike a chord the limbs and leaves would resonate with melodies or light up in a mild neon light fashion when she hits the notes.
    Well anyway, the following article relates that she has completed a lot of the songs already for the next original song album. Yet she is uncertain about any definite future date on its release. The article is: From Digital Spy: Kate Bush ‘nearly finished writing new album.’ THursday may 5 2011. She addresses the gaps between albums. An area of her thinking which I find interesting and that is how she uses the word gap for a time period. Particularly a time period of emptiness and non creativity. But that is another area too much to go into here.

  34. A truly inspirational artist, thankyou for the wonderful music you are a true great. (Fantastic)

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