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It takes talent to avoid the celebrity circus

A rather nice article by Johnny Dee in on-line paper The First Post:



This seems a good moment to remind ourselves that you don’t need to be a celebrity in the celebrity age to be a successful artist. You don’t need to court the media’s attention 24/7 then feel betrayed when they court you 24/7. You don’t need to appear on every TV show that invites you. However, if you do push fame away, you will run the risk of being labelled a freak.

One such freak is Kate Bush. In 1978, the year she released her debut single Wuthering Heights, she was the most photographed woman in Britain. Two years later, after a whirl of publicity that included everything from flirting with Richard Stilgoe to goofing around with Kenny Everett, she decided she was no longer going to play the publicity game …


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  1. Izzy

    Oh yes, a good one. A sober insight into the crazy world of celebrities and it’s totally weird laws.

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