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Listen to today’s Irish radio interview with Kate!




Guardian Infomania: Kate Bush


Daily Telegraph: Four Stars


  1. julian

    I loved this interview, sounded like Kate had countdown on in the background.
    Brilliant, very amusing.

  2. giulio

    I will listen to this interview after Monday the 16th…. I don’t want to listen to a single note of any other song before the release day 🙂

  3. Thanks for posting this, Sean. I’m in New Orleans at a literary conference and listened to it while I was getting ready for my day. What a thrill for Nadine!

  4. Bríd Gallagher

    This interviewer was so stupid, she didn’t know very much about Kate at all, or seem to have an appreciation for her music! So generic!!

    • Bríd Gallagher

      Okay i think she was probably just a bit nervous!

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