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Director’s Cut released in UK today! PLUS: TV and print ads campaign

Happy UK release day! It’s finally here, Director’s Cut is out in Kate’s home territory today. News from EMI: they will be running TV ads in the UK from today to support the release of Director’s Cut. Ads will be on Sky One, Sky Atlantic and Sky News, Channel 4 and More 4. We do not have a schedule but they will be running from Sunday 15th through the week of release. There will also be press ads, in yesterday’s Sunday Times Culture magazine, and more papers during the week.

Director's Cut - out now in the UK

In fact, if you count the two CD versions of Director’s Cut along with the four new reissues of The Dreaming, Hounds of Love, The Sensual World and a remastered The Red Shoes, there are 6 new Fish People releases in UK record shops today. I’ve heard the new remaster of The Red Shoes and it sounds excellent; warmer, fuller and the ‘edgy’ sound Kate talks about in this album’s sleeve-notes is now gone. The reissued albums contain some new photos when compared to previous EMI releases and the booklets and packaging are crisply produced and presented. Interestingly, Hounds of Love now has the ‘Single Mix’ of The Big Sky. The Red Shoes has a charming new dedication to Lindsay Kemp.

Kate directs

Speaking of packaging, the 3-disc Director’s Cut set is utterly beautiful, and so carefully thought out. I love the different shape and colour grading of the cover artwork of the two versions of Director’s Cut. In the Collector’s Edition version it’s like the inner sleeves are giving the two original albums a big hug, keeping them safe – there’s so much respectful love for the originals side by side with the high drama of the way Director’s Cut is presented visually. Such a strong sense throughout the new album’s artwork of Kate, in Sergei Eisenstein mode, directing each intriguing scene and then running the finished product by her inner circle at the end. The iTunes digital booklet reveals much more of the written lyrics in the “nest” and “Marion” scenes, and I’m thinking the vinyl artwork will bring that out more. I can’t see how this could have been done better, and am looking forward to the vinyl to arrive in a week’s time. What a Kate year!


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  1. Alex

    Today is a special day for the music industry – a genius has come home! I should be receiving my Deluxe Edition in the post today. I can’t wait!

  2. Hope everyone in the UK is enjoying Director’s Cut today. We still have another week to go before it’s released here.

  3. Thomas

    It’s here!…popped to nearest HMV and grabbed “Directors Cut”, flew home and have listened to CD…..BRILLIANT! Caught BBC News speaking – albeit short – about the CD’s release. I had about 2 hours sleep and dragged myself to shop at nearest train station, which opened at 7, and I feel great! Got two days off work to listen to and wallow in “Directors Cut”. Enjoy!

  4. Neil

    Stunning work.

  5. Rocky

    Bought both CD versions of ‘Director’s Cut’ at HMV here in Brighton at 10.30 this morning. I rushed home, (I considered getting a taxi home as it’s such a big occasion for me!) and put the CD on as soon as I got in and it is wonderful! The only problem is engineers are doing drilling work outside my block! Just my luck! LOL

  6. Renaud

    Could we have some more details about the extra photos included in the 4 reissues please ?

    • From my forum post: I have all four of them – they’re very nice items, fresh and crisply laid out with Fish People logos on sleeve and disc. The few photos used are nice, and The Sensual World sleeve layout is different from the Director’s Cut Collector’s edition.

      The Dreaming features the title track’s single cover artwork, minus the titles.

      Hounds of Love features two black and white Ninth wave shots and an extra hounds shot, I’ve seen them before. but one of the Ninth Wave shots hasn’t been part of an album package before.

      The Sensual World reproduces the stunning John Carder Bush single photo shot, minus the titles, it doesn’t have the new rose and Weber shots from the Collector’s edition of Director’s Cut.

      The Red Shoes has the Kate/Miranda shot as in the Collector’s edition, and also includes the new photo dedication to Lindsay Kemp. Kate’s explanation for the remastered version is revealed under the actual disc.

      • Renaud

        Many thanks Seàn !

        • Alan

          Has anyone noticed the ending of Big Stripey Lie is missing on the remastered version? It now fades out on Nigel Kennedy. And that the backing vocals on Eat The Music are far more prominent throughout the track?

  7. Kenny

    How beautiful is the colour pic on the back of the Sensual World CD envelope in the Collectors Edition? I’ve never seen that pic before, it must have been from the photo shoot for the cover. It was almost worth paying £19 just for the pic alone! (OK – no quite, I’ve been listening to the Directors Cut all morning and it is stunning…)

  8. I ordered the 3 Disc Director’s Cut set and am waiting anxiously for it to arrive at the mail! I can’t wait! As a Kate Bush fan, this is such a glorious day to behold indeed! I’m glad Kate Bush is back !!!! Now I can’t wait to receive my utterly beautiful 3-disc Director’s Cut set!! :)))

  9. Your review of the packaging was very nicely written. This has been a wonderful resource for sharing the pleasure of anticipating a new release. Thanks very much for all the hard work and the lovely high quality of said work 🙂

  10. Alan

    I was very lucky and received the 3 disc set on Saturday from It’s beautiful. Kenny, I hadn’t seen the colour photo from The Sensual World cover shoot either. I wonder why it was never used before?

    I checked out the four re-released CDs in HMV today. Nothing special, they’re still in plastic boxes (albeit now all-clear). I haven’t seen the booklets, but on the outside everything looks pretty much the same apart from that the Fish People logo has replaced that of EMI, and the Noble and Brite name replacing Novercia.

  11. Thomas

    Yup! Love “Directors Cut”. Nearly 10p.m and still listening to the wonderfulness.

  12. Yanini

    A couple of observations — one good, one not so good:

    The good one — Has anyone noticed how the coda of Rubberband Girl starts to morph into the chord sequence of King of the Mountain — perhaps to link between The Red Shoes and Aerial?

    The less good one — Why are the Rubberband Girl vocals so much quieter than all the other lead vocals on the album? Has KB said anything about this production decision in interviews?

  13. Since seeing the premier of King of the Mountain-Kate’s joy of Motherhood radiating throughout. It’s not difficult to picture Kate singing it to young Bertie, as he’s lying on his changing mat. Then when all done, giggling-Whoop! Whoop!

  14. giulio

    Today it is the 19th of May and ‘Director’s Cut’ is not yet available in music stores where I live… 🙁
    And the deluxe edition I’ve ordered hasn’t been delivered to my place yet…
    I normally don’t do downloads, but I just couldn’t wait any longer.
    I’ve listened to the album a couple of times so far…
    Fabulous. Fabulous. 🙂
    Thank you Kate 🙂

  15. JW

    Directors Cut 3 CD edition is awesome. Also found the Hounds and Dreaming reissues in the US today. The sound is WAY improved over the previous US versions. It’s definitely been remastered at some point recently. The Dreaming sounds amazingly crisp.

    As for the new Rubberband Girl, what’s the big deal? It’s a creative production technique. It sounds live and minimal. Her lo-fi vocal effect works perfectly w the mood.
    Why question it?

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