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The other bad review: Yahoo Music 5/10

In Yahoo Music Jason Draper says:

Faced with ‘Director’s Cut’, you would, however, be forgiven for incredulously asking, “You’ve spent your time on this?Deeper Understanding is “a mis-guided attempt at modification that results in this new version sounding more dated than the material it’s based onRubberband Girl is “a really badly-recorded take” and though Flower of the Mountain is  “a moment of true interest“, the   “aforementioned major flops, doesn’t actually offer enough of a difference from the original works to make it relevant to anyone other than the true completist

Can’t please them all and why should you try?


New Beck Sian and Syd Arthur gigs added


Der Spiegel interviews “Grandmaster” Kate

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  1. dreamtimetk

    Honestly I do nto think a Yahoo review would count… WhenI read the “review” I was laughing…..does the guy knows what he is talking about. The review seems rushed, incoherent, they actually talked about 3 songs… is this the whole album? where is the rest!!! My question is…. did THEY really LISTEN to the album, or were THEY having a certain urge to go in a certain place… no seriously!!

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