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Listen again to last week’s brace of Kate interview segments on BBC radio!

Kate Bush week on BBC 6Music

Update: Kate enters the Irish album charts at number 4! Congratulations again Kate! Wow. In other news, big thanks to Louise for compiling these! Kate’s conversation with Mark Radcliffe was featured every day last week on BBC 6music and now you can listen by clicking on the following BBC iPlayer links and forwarding to the indicated time in the stream. These contain unheard bits, so well worth a listen – they will only be available to hear on the iPlayer for a few more days. Listening to these is a reminder of just what a fantastic couple of months we’ve had watching the Director’s Cut project unfold.


More bands confirmed for The Sensual Walk – Saturday, June 18th


USA / Canadian release of Director’s Cut – album out now, finally!


  1. Gio Willis

    After listening to Director’s Cut many times, I quite like it but in some cases, the songs do not benefit from the original versions. If ”flowers of the mountain” is superb in Kate’s new interpretation, Moments of Pleasure and Never be Mine and this Woman’s Work are the three tracks which suffer more from these arrangements. Much emphasis has been given to Kate’s vocals but the arrangements are too simplicistic and sometimes dull. ” The Red Shoes” ”Lily”and ”Song of Solomon” on the contrary benefit from the new versions and more acoustic arrangements… Rubberband Girl is a new track and I quite like it… Deeper Understanding … I don’t like the vocoder… In general , I think I will wait for a new album…

  2. Izzy

    And tomorrow, Tue 31 May 2011 01:0 BBC 6 Music:

    ‘Joy of 6 has (among many others) Kate Bush talking to Mark Radcliffe’, again?

  3. Alan

    Hopefully these segments will make it onto YouTube once they expire on iPlayer.

  4. kolin

    I am just so happy that Kate is still singing and as relivent today as she has always been Should I ever win the lottery I would commission a contempoary dance company to express her music with maybe the Circus de Soile to compound here talant…..I still have a signed copy of the Hounds of Love from the great woman…….xx(sorry about any spelling mistakes)

  5. Nanette

    I like the 2005 interview much more than the 2011 one. I wonder if Ratcliffe ran out of steam in the later interview because he’s already asked the more interesting questions?

  6. Michael

    Links are expired but I think it’s all been condensed into one interview here:

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