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USA / Canadian release of Director’s Cut – album out now, finally!

Director's Cut

Our US and Canadian friends have waited oh so patiently to get their hands on Kate’s acclaimed ninth studio album, Director’s Cut. We hope you’re finally enjoying it guys – here’s what the official site has said:

Unfortunately, our North American distribution partner has had some quality issues manufacturing the physical versions of Director’s Cut. As a result the CD and Vinyl release date for Canada and the United States has been postponed until the 30th May.


Listen again to last week’s brace of Kate interview segments on BBC radio!


Kate enters the GLOBAL album chart at number 7!!


  1. Finally is right! OMG! Longest wait in the world. Canada is still having issues with getting the standard release in some areas, as I discovered today. The deluxe version is available, but even that has been difficult to find. Apparently they aren’t even Canadian pressings, but imported from E.U. Just to let people know.

  2. Worth the wait, of course. My vinyl edition arrived by post today in the states and it is stunning! The giant book of photos and lyrics is worth the price alone. Beautiful work and attention to detail.

  3. Kent

    Couldn’t wait myself, I had to order it from the first available source I could find. Loving it, with all its changes from and resonances with the originals (and original remixes, and instrumentals…)

    The only thing I don’t like is the CD in a sleeve (both this and Aerial.) So I usually play digital copies of these, rather than slide the disc in and out each time. Anyway, maybe it’s time to replace Aerial with the 2010 re-release–did I read that Sky of Honey changed to be played through/listened to from start to finish?

    • Erin

      Yes. I bought the 2010 re-release earlier this year – and it does make a difference! I’m really glad I’ve got that version now. However, sometimes I just want to listen to certain parts of disc 2, so the original release is also frequently revisited.

  4. craigh

    delays like this are reason enough to just order from the UK directly, which i did and have just received my vinyl today… but have been enjoying the cd set for many days now. EMI is trouble, anyhow.

    i adore this site, btw. adore it.

  5. Simon

    In Montréal, I bought the Collector’s Edition yesterday (may 30th) but the regular edition wasn’t anywhere to be seen… The Dreaming, Hounds of Love, The Sensual World and The Red Shoes Remastered we’re all available as well from FishPeople.

  6. Simon

    My canadian Collector’s Edition is indeed from E.U. I did bought Hounds Of Love (again hoping It was the 1997 remastered which It isn’t) and this one is marked Made in Canada.

    • Simon, I have the 1997 remaster of Hounds of Love. There really isn’t any difference between the remaster and the normal release. I was really disappointed with it when I bought it back in the day.

  7. Harry Horton

    The following are new articles and reviews of Director’s Cut on June 6, 2011 here in the States. (1) Record of the Month National Post-Ampersand- section: Record of the Month Club: Kate Bush’s Director’s Cut. Dave Bidini June 6 2011. (2) Tuned In: Kate Bush’s ‘Director’s Cut and other new releases” Chuck Campbell Scripps Howard News Service; June 06, 2011. Evansville Courier and Press. (3) “Hear Bat for Lashes play a new tune at Vivid Fest” Stereogum. Actually this article is from Sydney Australia. A quartet and the female singer who has been described as a Kate Bush offspring by this article. The reviews still are being churned out at the close of the first week of June, leaving one to look forward to the new album.

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