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Catch-up #1 Kate talks to Interview Magazine!

Kate and kitty

Hello! We’re back to the land of KB updates after our two week hangover from The Sensual Walk! We’ve missed out on telling you about a few happenings so here’s the first of several catch up posts!

Kate has been interviewed by Interview Magazine as part of the North American promotional push for Director’s Cut. As well as talking about the album, Kate recalls the influence of her late father, Dr Robert Bush: “My father was always playing the piano. He played all kinds of music—Gershwin, all kinds of stuff. He was really a hugely encouraging force to me when I was little. I used to write loads of songs when I was really young, and he was always there to listen to them for me. And it was a really wonderful thing that he did because he made me feel that they had some worth, even when they didn’t really. And he was always very honest with me. He’d say if he didn’t think perhaps one song was that good, or he liked that one. What was great was that he’d give me that time, and would always come and listen when we’d written something. So, you know, he was fantastic because he gave me the sense that he believed in me.”

Find out what Kate thinks of Ricky Gervais, Lady Gaga and more, the full interview is here!


The Sensual Walk is a big success :)


Catch-up #2 Kate’s official site shop is open!


  1. Alan

    Just wondered when Kate lost her father? I didn’t realise he’d died?

  2. Barry Saranchuk

    Just a comment that this picture of Kate is just the sweetest yet. I should have know she was a “cat person”.

    • Alan

      She seems to have dogs now but she used to have several cats. Zoodle, Pyewacket and Rocket (which originally inspired “Rocket’s Tail”

  3. luckystar

    can’t belive kate thinks lady gaga is good!kate makes good music,lady gaga makes trash

  4. Nanette

    KB doesn’t sound like the kind of artist who would trash anyone. “Good” may mean “better than some of the blandified t.v. competition stuff I’ve heard”. It could also mean that KB is supportive of what Lady Gaga is trying to do artistically: like her or not, Gaga is playing with presentation and stage persona in a way that few other people are. Oftentimes, great artists are very generous with their praise and encouragement because they know how hard it is to put your best out there and have people call it cr*p. A famous writer-in-residence was once incredibly kind and encouraging to me, even though I didn’t half deserve it.

    Plus, you’d be surprised what musicians and writers listen to/read. OutKast is a big fan of Kate’s; Tina Turner is on record as a fan of Ursula LeGuin. Call it cross-pollination.

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