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Catch-up #3 Paddy Bush plays on new Colin Lloyd Tucker album!

Colin Lloyd Tucker - new album Inner NutshellExcited about this as a) we haven’t heard much musically from Paddy for a bit, and b) Colin is rather excellent! Paddy is guesting on Colin Lloyd Tucker’s new album, ‘Inner Nutshell‘, more than two years in the making. The album is out now! Hear the album and read more about Colin here. For any ‘newbies’ Colin and Paddy collaborated as ‘Bushtucker’ many moons ago on the album Skyscraping. Colin also appears on The Red Shoes album. You can read about him working with Kate here. (many thanks to Ian for the update)



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  1. Ann Archer

    I love Colin Lloyd Tucker. He should be as famous as Kate. I think that this one is destined to be one of my favorites along with The Desire Path.
    He writes meaningful songs. Do you remember them?

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