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Get your Fish People T-shirts!

Kate’s official site is now selling these nifty Fish People t-shirts (long-sleeved versions also). The store also now offers some lithographs including a hefty box set for all you rich fans out there! More here.

Fish People t-shirts


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  1. Not particularly fussy about the t-shirts. I think #2 Film Strip photo of Kate would have been a much more effective design on a t-shirt, but that’s just me. Even though this is a pass for me, like the canvasses, I am getting two of the lithographs. Although it would be nice to have the box set version, I’m just very happy they’re available individually : )

  2. emil mcmahon

    I ordered my t.shirt on the first day of release and then never heard anything. Money was taken out of my account and then when I contacted the site they told me that the t.shirts were out of stock… not great news and not very good service really.Puts me off purchasing anythign else really and this isn’t the quality of service I am used to from kate Bush official sites…. the Aerial version seemed to be much better organised. I hope they bring t.shirts out with all the lithograph images on them…. especially ‘every old sock’… but they need to get their order system organised first.

  3. I thought that I should further add to my previous comment for the benefit of anyone outside of the UK. If you plan on purchasing any of the lithographs, or canvasses for that matter, you can expect to pay some hefty shipping charges. And I do mean hefty. I originally passed on the canvasses after contacting the shop and finding out the cost of shipping. When the lithographs came out, I didn’t dream the shipping charges would be as high. After placing my order, I received an additional email the next day alerting me to the additional shipping charges for my order. At that point, I had the option to bail out of the order completely, but I chose to continue with it only because I did want the lithographs. I don’t think it matters what you order from the site – If you live outside of the UK, you can expect to pay hefty shipping charges. Just thought I’d bring this to the attention of any person that’s interested in ordering from the shop. Fair warning!

  4. emil mcmahon

    ultimately I am sure we all want to purchase items from the site, however here I am still waiting on correspondence from the site about when I might [exactly] receive the item I paid for over 2 weeks ago.. I think it is unfair to take my money and then make me wait. I have been toying with purchasing the box set of lithographs because it looks stunning, but i’m not sure I want to commit that kind of money and then have no acknowledgement from the operators about delays etc. At least we can rely on kate to provide us with beautiful music which makes up for the lack of organisation on her web-site providers part.

  5. emil mcmahon

    T.Shirt arrived and it is fantastic quality, had to wait longer than expected and was a tad annoyed at the service, but the goods make up for that… lets see lots more designs!

  6. I should probably add that I did receive my lithographs last week and I am very happy with them. If anyone wants to see them, or see how they arrived packaged, or how they look framed on a wall, I have a bunch of photos I’ve taken and put onto my blog. There’s a lot of rambling as well, which will hopefully be helpful to some people. Here’s the link to the specific post.

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