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Something stirring soon? About all the album rumours!

The Internet is exploding right now with new album rumours and speculation. Rather than report on these we’ve decided to wait for official news before we get too excited and at the moment there is no word at all from Kate/Fish People or EMI in the UK. We totally understand that these rumours and reports are very exciting and seem to contain a lot of information, but we advise caution that we will only know what is really true when there is an official statement. When something official comes we will have it here for you and the party will begin. Till then, let’s enjoy the anticipation.


Some photos from Paddy’s exhibition


Retail leaks news of KB10 ’50 Words For Snow’ – title confirmed!


  1. Great, that’s like the ALMOST official news. Now we can all enjoy heart-palpitations together!
    Love and deeper understanding

  2. “Two in One Year? Now that would surprise them…” (KB 2005)

    Did she have all this written out on a ‘to do’ list as soon as she signed with EMI?

    1978: Greatest debut single of all time
    1979: Greatest tour of all time
    1985: Greatest album of all time
    1991: Greatest cover version of all time
    1994-2005: Shopping and gardening
    2005: Greatest comeback of all time
    2011: Greatest surprise of all time

  3. Mike

    Due to this German article

    the new album will be released at November 18th. It seems that EMI Germany published this date officially for their distribution partners and other experts of the music industry.

    Let’s hope that this is true 🙂


  4. Brandon


    That’s the best COMMENT of all time! Love it 🙂

  5. giulio

    After the wonderful ‘Director’s Cut’, a completely brand new album would be like the famous cherry on the cake…. 😉
    I’m looking forward to… 😉

    • Naah – DC was the hors d’oeuvre – stimulating but ultimately left you craving more.

      Most KB albums leave you breathless and emotionally replete – I’m sure this new one will too…

      But what will the inspiration be? Literary? Filmic? Pantheistic? Musical? Personal? God (or Kate) knows, but to hear the internet holding its breath about a release from an artist who’s been working for over 3 decades is wonderful.

  6. I just know that something good is gonna happen. Just adding up all the little things that have been going on online…

  7. Alan

    There’s a rumour that it’s a seven track album, suggesting that the tracks might be long, and that it might be a concept.

  8. mats (another swede)

    What if its all rumors…but cross my fingers

  9. Tony

    Not since 1978 have we had two KB albums inside one year !

    Let’s keep everything crossed that history is about to repeat itself…. 😉

  10. cwg

    so where exactly are these rumours “exploding” all over the internet? I’ve googles searched it and nothing comes up? Aside from that one German site, where else are people reading about all these details?


  11. Colin Malley



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