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50 Words For SnowA new Kate album is an event …

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Twitter reveals: Stephen Fry and Stefan Roberts on new album!


Congratulations Guy!


  1. giulio

    No surprise the music world is in a state of great anxiety 😉

  2. Lee Walton

    I want to say a big `thank you ‘ to you guys who run this website. You do an amazing job for us fans and I am very appreciative. Such a great resource for us to turn to ! Lee

  3. Eric

    And not only in publications in English. I’ve seen announcements in Polish, French en many in Dutch.

  4. Gabriella

    wow!!! so much …. thank you Dear Homeground for your reserching all this great news on Kate Bush new lp……. i think iam still dreaming …..:) of snow!!!

  5. Harry Horton

    More additional articles from the internet on the upcoming November album release by kate Bush:

    “A New Kate Bush Album? Here’s (More than) 50 words for that.” Sept 15, 2011.
    “From the SFX Office” September 15, 2011 Dave GOlder.
    “Kate Bush plans album of snow songs” – September 13, 2011 Pakistani Daily Times.
    “Kate Bush news: il 21 Novembre esce “50 words for snow” blogosfere.

  6. Harry Horton

    Another round of Kate Bush articles off the internet that relate information on her new album release in November. As well as other articles that have references to Kate Bush:

    “Kate Bush New ALbum Due November 21st” Back Page Magazine.
    “Kate Bush announces 50 words for snow — an album, not a third grade homework assignment” BRittany Flynn.
    “Kate Bush announces new album release-“50 words for snow”
    “Ami WIlliamson is a ‘one woman show'” Newcastle Herald.
    “Kate Bush confirms new album”-Sydney Star Observer.
    “September 16,1985:Kate Bush released her fifth studio album.”
    “Natalia Kills: Alan Morisette Kate Bush inspired my debut album”
    “The Rise and Rise of Brontemania” The Guardian.
    “Kate Bush plans album of snow songs”- Press Association of the UK
    “Album Review: Active Child – You are all I see”
    “Dream of the 80’s” Delano

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