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Elton John confirmed as guest on new album as Kate signs US record deal with ANTI-Records!

Elton John

Very exciting news tonight! Elton John and Andy Fairweather Low have been confirmed as guests on Kate’s new album ’50 Words for Snow’. The news comes as part of a press release announcing Kate’s signing to the ANTI- record label in the US. The label, which carries the slogan “real artists creating great recordings on their own terms”, is home to the likes of Tom Waits, Wilco, Neko Case, Billy Bragg, Beth Orton and Tricky. Kate is in very good company!

Other news from the announcement is that Stephen Fry will be performing on the album’s title track, and the album is described thus: “through a highly evocative musical and lyrical landscape this haunting album once again pushes the boundaries”. We also have our first lyrical fragment from the album: “I can feel him melting in my hands…”

The full ANTI- Records press release:

ANTI- Records logo

Kate Bush Signs to ANTI-, Releasing “50 Words For Snow” 11/21

“The most influential British female artist ever”. – NME

“The sheer quality of the songwriting makes every recent female artist who has been compared to Kate Bush look pretty wan by comparison” – The Guardian

“Kate Bush is the greatest living British artist in song” – Mojo

The legendary KATE BUSH releases a brand new studio album “50 Words For Snow” on Anti-Records on November 21.

The album features 7 new tracks set against a background of falling snow, with a total running time of 65 minutes; through a highly evocative musical and lyrical landscape this haunting album once again pushes the boundaries.

” I can feel him melting in my hands….”

“50 Words For Snow” is Kate’s second album release of 2011, following ‘Director’s Cut’ which was released in May to massive critical acclaim. The new album features a small number of special guest musicians including Elton John, Andy Fairweather Low and, on the title track, the British writer/broadcaster/raconteur Stephen Fry.

Andy Fairweather Low

Andy Fairweather Low

Kate Bush has been cited as a huge influence on a range of artists from newcomers like Florence and the Machine and Feist to established artists like Tori Amos and Bjork; she has also been praised by figures as diverse as OutKast, Tricky and Sex Pistol/PIL legend John Lydon who said; “Kate Bush supplies me with all the clues and it’s up to me to put the answers together, and that surely is what we are all looking for”.

Writing about ‘Director’s Cut’ British rock weekly NME said; ‘Kate Bush is the most influential British female artist ever. No Kate Bush – no PJ Harvey, Cocteau Twins, Bjork, Tori Amos, Joanna Newsome, Goldfrapp, Bat for Lashes; its not only female solo artists either – Radiohead, Suede and Patrick Wolf are all fans whilst her distinct falsetto is evident in the output of Anthony and the Johnsons”.

More about ANTI- at their site here.


First look at ’50 Words for Snow’ album packaging!


Wild Man single will be released on October 11th!


  1. This all gathering pace like a little snowball rolling down a big hill. I love Wide-Eyed and Legless; it’ll be nice to hear Andy Fairweather Low again.

    Thank you for these updates Homeground team (and good luck keeping that forum calm).

  2. Sounds like a colder version of Ariel, I can feel the sun beating down on me every time I hear it. Time to invest in some extra jumpers i think an d Elton John so exciting !

  3. kurt birsch

    I first heard of Andy Fairweather Low via Roger Waters ‘In the Flesh’ live performance. If Andy can do for Kate what he did for Roger then we’re all in for a real treat! 🙂

    Kate finally recording with Elton! About time! and long overdue.

    Nothing like a couple of music legends to warm up a new album 🙂

    Fifty Words is gearing up to be a sensational album from Kate. 🙂 Can hardly wait!

    cheers Kurt

  4. Very excited to hear Kate has signed with Anti-. A great label with some of the best artists. They’ll do right by her. Elton John is a bit of a surprise, but then not really. They’re friends and fans of each other work, so glad it’s finally happening.

  5. Colin Malley


  6. I am so exited and looking forward to the warm sensual voice of kate, through a background of cold white snow! I have never looked forward so much to winter!!!
    Thanks Kate. You get critisised so much, for the gap between releases, but they should take a look at the more prolific artisits and compare the quality of the work. Every song you write, every time you sing, every time you write a note, is magical, wonderous, beautiful, haunting, thought provoking and so exiting. Your voice has bathed me in warmth and sent tingles down my spine, for 33 years. Your craft has amazed me with it’s brilliance , challenged my thoughts with its complexity and given me such a gift, that no money could ever buy. So Kate, with all of my memories (including the Big Sky shoot, the Conventions, the Video Cafe party, meeting you on a couple of occasions) and the exitement of what’s to come, I say again, thank you so much Kate. Will love you forever, Deb xxxxx

  7. Fragecat

    I’m going to be a bit contentious here, but I can really do without an Elton John collaboration. The man lost his talent years ago. His voice is shot and unrecognisable from his earlier career. It seems it’s the done thing to get Elton to guest on a record, but that doesn’t make it good. His legend lives through his longevity now, rather than anything he can offer musically. Shame she couldn’t collaborate with someone a bit more cutting edge. I hear Nicola Roberts was up for working with her;) (p.s. That last bit is a joke, in both senses.)

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