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First look at ’50 Words for Snow’ album packaging!

Kate’s official site has the following peek at the new album artwork:

50 Words for Snow - package shot


Kate excited by response to new album


Elton John confirmed as guest on new album as Kate signs US record deal with ANTI-Records!


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    The packaging looks amazing.
    Wanna have it now =^.^=

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    emil mcmahon

    I hope all kate’s albums are re-sissued in this format, they look so stylish and having them all stacked together would make for an impressive collection.

  3. Avatar

    Gursel Ali

    So exciting please keep me posted thanks Gursel

  4. Avatar

    kurt birsch

    Looks very good.

    Loved the Directors Cut packaging, and it looks as if Fifty Words is heading in the same direction.

    Can’t wait 🙂

    cheers Kurt

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    Why has she done this?!?! I was happy to wait a couple more months but now…I WANT IT NOOOOOWWW. It looks gorgeous 🙂

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    It’s reminiscent of feature films from big companies where their logo is slightly tweaked to mirror the style of the film. It’s Fish People, but not as we know it!!

  7. Avatar


    Very very nice packaging! And the music will be better 😉
    By the way, it looks like a black and white picture, right?

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    Love that she’s paying so much attention to the packaging. It looks amazing.

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    I can not wait to hear this album. Seeing the art work has made me excited to hear Kates new work.

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    hmm, i really do like the cover but, as with director’s cut, i really don’t like this ‘way too big’ fish label, it’s like buying music from a band called fish people.

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    Harry Horton

    The packaging with the snow theme is simply divine. I wish Someone could tell me what Fish People actually is; is it an independent label or a subsidary of EMI? Fish People recording also sounds like a novel phenomena itself in some regards. Additionally found the following articles off the internet here in early October centering on Chrissie Hynde and Kate Bush.

    “Chrissie Hynde closes Ohio Eatery cites Economy”. ABC News
    “Chrissie Hynde closes Vegetarian Restaurant” Associated Press.
    “Pretenders ‘Chrissie Hynde closes vegetarian restaurant in Ohio and cites struggling economy” Canada Press via yahoo! Canada News.
    “Kate Bush replaced Dolly Parton on “Don’t give up” Peter Gabriel says” Digital spy – September 19 12:56 p.m.

    • Peter

      Fish People is Kate’s own label. It is distributed by EMI except in the US where it is distrbuted by Anti-Records

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    Radio orange

    looking foward to hearing the single, wild man next week!

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    Harry Horton

    Thanks for the elucidation on Fish People. I’m looking forward to hearing the single WIldman on the internet about a week from now. In fact The Kate Bush Rolf Harris ‘As she moves through the fair’ is on you tube. Someone must have recorded it when it was leaked some time back, and as a result, they placed it on you tube. Interesting month or so ahead–Wildman released on October 11, my birthday on October 26 and the ’50 words for snow’ album released on November 21, right before Thanksgiving which is the last Thursday in November here in the U.S.

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    I can’t wait! I love Kate’s music!
    Greetings from Holland!

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