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Wild Man – US download coming “very soon”

Update: Wild Man is now available on US iTunes.

A lot of people have been asking when Wild Man will be made available on iTunes and other download sites in the US. We have heard from Kate’s new US label, ANTI-Records, that after resolving some logistical issues, you should be able to purchase Wild Man on all iTunes, Amazon and all digital service providers very soon, they are hoping by this coming Tuesday, 18th October. We’ll keep you posted! (with thanks to Dean O’Hillis)


Wild Man to be reviewed on Roundtable 13th October


Wild Man – No physical single


  1. delius

    ridiculous. i’ve been lucky enough to have a friend in the U.K. who logged onto my amazon account and downloaded the single for me that way.

    i’m not ashamed to say before realising i can do it that way, i tried every torrent site i could find to download the full length version. this is exactly the sort of nonsense that makes people download music through other channels, it makes no sense whatsoever.

    we no longer live in a world where this kind of stupidity is necessary, record companies should get their shit together. it couldn’t have been news to the american label that this single is coming out, what excuse is there to waiting more than a week? and not even knowing for sure? absolutely ridiculous.

    unfortunately, i’ll probably have an illegal copy of the album before being able to purchase it. how many people here in the U.S. will do the same? and how many of those will then buy the album when it finally gets released here? not many, not many for sure.

    • KT

      I could not agree more… it’s absolutely ridiculous… not to mention extremely frustrating for those of us who live in the US.

      • Kate has only just signed a new deal for the US, and these things do take time to sort out. The single was available in every other major territory at the same time, and the US is now following … all in the build up to the release of the album world-wide.

        • KT

          It’s true that “things take time,” but making a single available for download on iTunes is a simple, SIMPLE task. There are amateur, unsigned artists who do it all the time with the greatest of ease. ANTI should be making Kate’s new album a priority and the fact that the entire world can practically download from iTunes and not the US should be embarrassing not only to the new US label but to the entire team at Fish People. I know a few things about this industry and frankly, so far, I am not impressed.

          • in2insight

            I agree 100%.
            It’s a shame, and really a slap in the face, how this was handled by both Fish People and Anti-Recordes.

  2. Mark

    Thank you very much for this news! This made my day!

  3. Kevinandrew6

    Thanks so much for the update! We were feeling stranded over here. 🙂

  4. Chad Cook

    I for one have ordered 4 copies of the CD here in the US and pre-ordered the album download on iTunes. I plan to give out some as Christmas presents. But I am dying to hear the album length version of Wild Man as I can see by the running time and full length lyrics that there is much more to it not in the radio edit. I think it is one of Kate’s most interesting songs in a long while. Bring’s back a bit of Hounds Of Love and Sensual World. Looking forward to the album! And hopefully this marks a prolific period for Kate with many more to come. I think she is in a great creative place and re-motivated now that she has her own label and ownership of her music and sound recordings.

  5. I’m glad for this news, but it’s a sorry situation. Then, again, it’s only “pop” music, isn’t it? At least, that’s what I keep trying to tell myself, so I can keep this all in some kind of perspective. Just not a good thing.

  6. Brandon

    All I know is that ANTI-Records better have their shit together by November 21st. Fans in the US are not going to be pleased if they have to wait weeks to get the full album. You can’t blame Kate or Fish People though, they do a great job, they even uploaded the single on youtube for everyone to hear. It is just kind of sad when the American fans can’t join in on the “release day” excitement with the rest of the world. We want to be able to purchase the music on the same day as everyone else.

    I will still buy the single on iTunes when it is FINALLY released here, but it won’t feel the same doing it after already hearing the song and waiting so long for them to sort out the legal issues.

  7. cwg

    People- relax- PLEASE! It’s coming, it’s coming- and it’s NOT a slap in the face of all American fans… seriously- it’s only a few days more- and this says absolutely nothing about the competency of the Fish People Label!

    In a weeks time all this nonsense will have been forgotten!

  8. Brent

    It is up on iTunes US now

  9. Mark

    Thank you for the update! Will download when I have the money.

  10. Mark

    I have downloaded Wild man!

  11. Keith

    Downloaded officially last night from U.S. iTunes; also, I was surprised to receive this message from ANTI-Records’ Jon Strickland today from an early week inquiry:

    Hi Keith,
    Sorry for the delayed response, Wildman [sic] is now available in the US iTunes store (and other internet stores). We are playing catch-up a little, but the important thing is that Kate will have a much greater presence in the US on this release than she has had here for a long time, that is one of the reasons she asked us to release the record here. She very much realizes that US fans are some of her most loyal, and they haven’t been well served,
    Feel free to reach out with any other questions or concerns.

  12. Mark

    Thanks for posting that Keith. I hope Kate really does feel the way Jon says she does.

  13. Harry Horton

    An interesting similarity or similarities exist between Wildman and Wuthering Heights. Kate Bush in her Wuthering Heights video has a lyrical line relating her as Cathy, singing, let me in let me in, its me Cathy I have come home again. Ostensibly, her banging on the door at Wuthering Heights is what the lyric is about. In WIldman, the yeti bangs on the monastery door. A similar action as in Wuthering Heights. Additionally, Heathcliff at times is something of a wildman as well as Catherine in Wuthring HEights as they ramble across the moors together. The Yeti too rambles across the Himalayan landscape in the you tube video. And as the Yeti gives a crying out howl in WIldman, Heathcliff in the novel Wuthering Heights lets out a wild screeching anguished howl to heaven, dashed into bitter pain and despondency when he learns of Cathy’s death. Such are similarities between the Wuthering Heights video and Wildman.

  14. Mike Burk

    I’m SOOO glad it’s up on iTunes and here in the US…BUT I wish they also had the radio edit! Don’t get me wrong…I love the full thing..but I am a huge collector and really waNt both version!~ Maybe next Tuesday??

  15. MirrorGirl

    I bought the single from Amazon US and it only included the full-length version, without the radio edit. This was fine as I didn’t want the radio edit, but weren’t we supposed to get both versions of the song when we bought the single?

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