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Theo Bleckman releases “Hello Earth – The Music of Kate Bush”

We have tracked Theo Bleckman’s live shows in which he puts his own twist on a number of of songs from Kate’s canon. He has now released an album on Winter & Winter Records:

Album Cover

After tackling American composer Charles Ives and receiving a Grammy nomination for it and after releasing »refuge trio«, which has been awarded with an ECHO Jazz, and a solo album, Theo Bleckmann now takes on the outstanding songbook of British pop recluse Kate Bush.

The album contains 14 tracks and all the details are here

The New York Times said: “Kate Bush is a special fit for him. The arc of her career, uneasily abutting art-rock and alternative music, jibes with his own off-kilter profile. And she’s another transfixing singer with a penchant for careful diction and spooky connotation, and deep interest in the subconscious.”


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  1. Mark

    I hate that the media mentions the words “recluse” and “pop” in context with Kate. They talk about art rock and alternative music and yet they still mention the “P” word. But the “R” word is a lot worse. She’s not a celebrity. She’s a talented but normal woman who makes incredible music with lots of love and emotion. But us fans already knew that. Long live Kate, the British jewel.

  2. As much as I appreciate Bleckmann’s appreciation of Kate Bush, I don’t like “British pop recluse.” Blech Bleckmann!

    • Yes – we don’t much like the “recluse” reference either, and it has been debunked so many times. It’s just lazy journalism and lazy drafting.

  3. I like his stuff, but it doesn’t blow me away. America seems to like Kate Bush songs sung by men; Placebo, Track and Field, Theo. In one respect that’s pretty cool because I think knowing and singing her lyrics helps make you a better man (like the Deal with God works through her music). But I’m sure this tells us something important about the music business over there – though I’ve no idea what it is.

    • Mark

      I still can’t get over the fact that professional artists cover her work. When I first started listening to her I knew her music was sacred. And so we have all these Americans who know her songs because some untalented artist decided to rip off the queen. And when they do hear the originals (If tyhey ever do) they say they prefer the cover. But not this American.

      • Nanette

        What an odd take on music–certainly not an artist’s view. Covering a song is a real tribute, IMO. And why shouldn’t Americans know Kate’s music? There’s some serious stereotyping right there–as if a whole group of people “unworthy” of access to great music. It’s a good thing African Americans don’t think that way. After all, English artists like Clapton, the Rolling Stones and Led Zepplin routinely “ripped off” Robert Johnson with only grudging and belated acknowlegement.
        Cross-pollination is part of creativity. Thanks heavens KB is willing to borrow (Elton John, various riffs from world music) and be borrowed from.

  4. another swede

    Oh my God, please NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. This guy in “America” doesn’t like Kate Bush songs sung by men! Just because Theo decided to do this doesn’t mean it’s to fill a demand here. He’s not exactly a household name in the U.S.

    • But I do respect him, and, as I said, I appreciate his work here. Considering his home base of NYC and the audience he cultivates, I think this is a very surprising and bold move for him because Kate Bush isn’t always held in high-regard by the same crowd that is agog for the likes of Laurie Anderson, David Byrne, and some others, the names of whom I can’t remember at the moment. Considering that, the easy way would have been to do the Bjork songbook.

  6. ‘Recluse’ to me now means the way Syd Barrett became – and several British men covered his songs.

  7. But when it comes to US TV shows, Keith, which is what I was alluding to, Warehoouse 13 in particular, they do seem to prefer Kate Bush songs interpreted by men. I have lots of US chums and colleagues who, like you, prefer the real thing, and it used too happen; back in the day Miami Vice used the real version of Hello Earth.

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