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Kate’s new album gets 10/10 from Louder Than War

A blockbusting 10/10 for 50 Words for Snow from Louder than War, a pop culture music website run by John Robb whose meme is “We are always looking for the new noise, the next buzz, we have no borders, no boundaries – all the musical skree of the 21st century is ours to celebrate”.

Kate Bush’s finest moment, a pinnacle in a career of pinnacles … This is pure genius and with an emotional range that makes most men look like grunting dogs with songs of anger, lust, pain and sorrow and er, that’s it. The emotions touched on in this album shape shift and slip away like the melting snow that are the backdrop to many of the songs, their subtle moods are described and flurry away … a stunning trip and a work of pure genius and perhaps the best of her career. Kate Bush was always going to be an artist that got better with age, not tied into the tedious teenage concept of pop she is a real artist who bears her soul and is not afraid to dig deep and take risks. This is a masterwork that takes no easy options and takes a real effort to explore.”


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  1. By the way, the Dave channel ran the QI XL episode last night with the bit about the Yeti!

  2. giulio

    It sounds it’s going to be a wonderful album 🙂
    Not an easy-listening one, but a ”masterwork . . . to explore”.
    I think this perfectly exemplifies Kate Bush music.
    Once again . . . I’m counting the hours . . .

  3. Seriously the wait is killing me. Have not been this excited for years.

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