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“Sublime and Ridiculous”: BBC Music

Jude Rogers reviews Kate’s new album on the BBC Music site:

reflects a season which brings out the profound and absurd in equal measure – the feelings of longing and loneliness that emerge as the dark nights bed in, the party-hat silliness that pops up when the same nights stretch out … The album only really reaches the heights Bush has set for herself when she appears centre stage. Her voice is noticeably older now, full of earth, heft and husk, and works stunningly well with little more than her piano’s sustain pedal … 50 Words for Snow may threaten to lose its way in the blizzard sometimes, but it is moments like these – jolting us from her world for a moment, reminding us of how all-embracing her talent can be – that show just how much she can move us with her fire and ice…


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“inspired, unique and beautiful”: Holy Moly

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  1. giulio

    I like it when Kate Bush makes me smile. . .so the ridiculous side
    is very interesting to me 🙂 ”…her fire and ice…”

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