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“Sublimely strange”: Rolling Stone

Will Hermes in Rolling Stone (this one is not yet on line):

an LP that finds a universe of emotions in its wintery theme – a sort of virtual snowglobe … the music … is full of plush, drifty ambience. The vocals sound nothing like the fierce cyberbabe on her 1982 LP The Dreaming, or the strange angels on Hounds Of Love, but they are no less sublime … she sounds utterly at home defining her own world. It’s an amazing place.”


“inspired, unique and beautiful”: Holy Moly


“Uncommonly evocative soundscapes”: Clash

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  1. giulio

    ”the fierce cyberbabe”!!!! 🙂
    I’d never thought of this definition before!!! 😉
    It seems to be another very very positive review 🙂

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