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“Gorgeous song stories”:

Very enthusiastic review of 50 Words from Stephanie Myers at Music Feeds in Australia:

Bush’s music and living legacy as an artist has the respect of her peers and her contemporaries in spades here, and it shows. Moreover, with this album, it’s clear that she’s adept at creating slow, gorgeous song-stories that take their time to unfold. They are, in essence, pieces that revel in themselves without bothering to revel in the past … 50 Words for Snow offers Bush at her prime … it’s an album that’s more than likely to nab her a new generation of devotees.”


“The Snow Queen of Albion’s electric eden is back to reclaim her throne” – Classic Rock


“Spirits the listener away into Bush’s distinctive hyperreality”: NPR


  1. edov

    … this reviewer Stephany writes that there’s almost no difference between Kate’s voice now and in 1978… ???

  2. giulio

    ”…to nab her a new generation of devotees.” : the more the merrier . . .
    Her voice has changed but it’s still very very ”here”…

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