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“An amazing fantastical journey”: The Quotidian Times

The Quotodians are entranced by the Winter beauty of 50 Words:

50 Words for Snow is very much a winter album and is the perfect accompaniment for cocooning with in the chill of these dark, desolate months with its simultaneously warm, glacial and spatial atmospheric sonic soundscapes and imaginative lyrical subject matter. After spending several days acquainting myself with the album each listen rewards me with some new experience and discovery and that is the beauty of Bush’s best work as it holds an endless supply of experiences and relies less on initial impact than longevity. It almost makes me long for snow and after the extended and inconvenient big chills of the last two winters I never thought I would wish for that ever again.”


“Beats a dead reindeer”: Vivoscene


“Aural tapestries”: Superversity

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  1. Neil

    Come in to land Snowflake your time is up! I know it’s along way down from the clouds but it does take it’s time to get earthbound. Lake Tahoe is a grower , building nicey to a ghostly tango by the end. Among Angels is what its all about though…the shortest and best and leaves you wanting more,which the best songs always do.

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