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“Frustrating, exhilarating, enchanting, confusing, maddening”: The Music Fix

7/10 from Olivia Schaff at The Music Fix who plainly doesn’t like Sir Elton John:

Most of us love snow, long for it, and when the first shy flakes begin to fall we run outside and laugh and play as if we were all eight years old again. Then after a bit the stuff turns brown and slushy, it’s hard to get around in, your car slides around in the road, and it swiftly loses the fun factor. 50 Words For Snow is an incredibly apt title for this work. Kate Bush plays by nobody’s rules but her own. We have seen this in her earlier work … her eccentricities both a blessing and a curse … The album is like looking into a magnificent snow globe that you shake and suddenly the people inside spring to life … No doubt most will gladly overlook the snowdrifts that mar what is otherwise a sometime lovely album, overjoyed that she has graced us with her magical presence once again.”


BBC Radio 4 interview with Kate confirmed


“Many profound pleasures”: The Hurst Review

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  1. Neil Mayor

    Actually love Elton’s voice on ‘Snowed in….’ apart from the last 30seconds when i would have prefered it reigned in a little as the emotional intent overwhelms the hypnotic melody.A certain haunting resemlance to Lady GaGa’s Poker face intro here too ,but more subdued.Could almost be from a musical.

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