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Kate’s Canadian radio interview – on CBC, 22nd November

Jian GhomeshiKate will appear on Q (CBC Radio in Canada) with Jian Ghomeshi on Tuesday, November 22 for a one-hour feature interview, in which she discusses 50 Words for Snow and reflects on her career from The Kick Inside through to today. Kate will talk about her relationship with the media throughout her career, the approach she’s taken to songwriting, the significance of drama, dance and video in her art, and her future in music and on the road. Listeners in Canada can tune in to CBC Radio One at 10 a.m. in each time zone across the country (or stream it). Listeners in several major cities in the USA can tune in on their local public radio stations via Public Radio International (PRI). Local listings can be found here. Listeners across North America can listen on Sirius Satellite 159 at 10 a.m., 3 p.m. and 11 p.m. ET. Anyone who missed the broadcast can listen to Q: The Podcast (interview only, no music cuts) by downloading it Tuesday afternoon on iTunes OR stream the entire show (mixed in all its glory) from the Q website. Thanks to Brian Coulton at Q for the information.


“A quiet and intimate album”: Higher Plains Music


BBC Radio 4 interview with Kate confirmed


  1. Nanette

    Heh. I emailed Jian Ghomeshi (or more accurately, Q) with a couple of questions. I wonder if Jian will use them.

  2. Jeff

    This is my favorite radio show –
    I listen to it most days if I can
    I’ll turn the volume up and will enjoy every minute of this, I’m sure !
    ( btw, Jian G. is an excellent interviewer )

  3. cwg

    This is fantastic- Jian is an amazingly insightful interviewer (being a musician himself)… this is going to be a wonderful listen!

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