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“Misty” still video now streaming at Kate’s site till 9pm!

Track 3 of the new album debuts on Kate’s official site. Watch Misty here this evening till 9pm GMT.

Misty still video



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  1. Eut (Holland)

    “Misty” is just stunningly beautiful; Kate’s voice sounds even more sincere and richer than ever (which I thought would be impossible). I do very much like the “spacious” approach to this piece of art; although over 13 minutes it doesn’t seem a second to much. The production is also perfect with a lot of “air” in between the instrumentation; every note is delivered with a soothing, relaxing confidence. Amazing masterpiece, thanks so much Mrs.Bush for sharing your unique talent!

  2. ReikiGlam

    There are generally a few songs on every KB album that I could do without. This album is truly amazing start to finish…what a ride we’re taken on! Just stunning.

  3. Rommi

    Stunning album: a beautiful concept album which works as poetry: nothing is wasted or superfluous. So crafted, you end up buying narratives, which in less skillful hands, might be laughable: an erotic encounter with a snowman? Yet, here, it is utterly believable, sincere, moving; gorgeous piano arrangements meet sumptuous vocals and beautiful words. Thank you.

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