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Kate interviewed for BBC Radio 6 Music

FURTHER UPDATE: 6 Music has now tweeted that the interview will be broadcast “a week today” i.e. Thursday 24th November. The Morning Show is on between 10.00 am and 13.00 pm GMT and will doubtless be available as a stream afterwards from the 6 Music website.

UPDATE: As you were. Laura was off to interview Kate this morning, and the interview looks likely to appear on Radio 6 at a later date. We’ll let you know when

Lauren Laverne, host of 6 Music’s morning show has tweeted that she will “be round Kate Bush’s for a cup of tea and a chat” on Thursday morning.


Wild Man animation tonight!


“It’s all ­gorgeous”: Entertainment Weekly


  1. Neil

    Lake Tahoe is a definite grower resembling a ghostly tango as it reaches its conclusion. Among Angels the shortest and still my favourite leaves you wanting more rather than Snowflakes which by half way want it to get a move on and land if i’m honest.

  2. Vindrag

    I’m listening to BBC Radio 6 now online. Has the Kate chat/interview already been?
    News now, then she mentioned another person she’d talk with, but nothing about Kate.

    Does anybody know? 🙂

    • From what Lauren said on air she’s actually going to do the interview this morning, and it will be broadcast at a later date.

  3. Vindrag

    OK! Thanks! Looking forward.

    PS. To everyone who works with this site, I don’t know what I would do without you!
    You are the best! Thank you very much for updating everytime there’s something new to report! 🙂

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