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BBC America Anglophenia Kate Bush Week

BBC America’s ‘Anglophenia‘ blog (“British Culture with an American Accent”) is having a Kate Bush week:

A Life in Pictures 

Kate’s Five Best Videos 

Five of Kate’s best collaborators

Five Great British literary songs

A Guide to Kate’s Albums


“Only Kate Bush could get away with this”: Chicago Tribune


“Sweeping and panoramic”: RTE


  1. Can’t believe I just read all of that drivel. Clearly this person isn’t a fan, and is just rehashing a lot of old opinions, thoughts and comments that have already been made several billion times over through the years. Does anyone have an original thought left in their head anymore???

  2. edov

    @ first I thought it would be very hard to make my own KB cd countdown… then realised that I don’t have to! Yippiee, I can like them all equally. And I do, for all different reasons and every day I can make a new selection!
    What’s the use of making a countdown anyway?

  3. John

    I quite liked that list, but don’t agree with it!

    It’s nice to see The Sensual World feature highly and The Dreaming to feature lower than in the usual lists. But it makes the point that there is no such thing as a bad Kate album – it wouldn’t be inconceivable that your tenth favourite Kate album would still be number ten in your favourite albums of all time! As I’ve got older I’ve found it increasingly hard to make a list of Kate albums in order of excellence because I find my favourite Kate album is always the one I’m listening to!

  4. ReikiGlam

    It’s one person’s opinion, so I take every opinion for what it’s worth: no better or worse than my own, just different.

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