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ITV Daybreak: “Album of the year”

Boyd Hilton raves about Kates album on Daybreak UK breakfast television. Skip to 1 hour 5 minutes, that’s “7:12 am” on the screen. Boyd describes 50 Words as the album of the year (credit to the indefatigable Louise West).


Interview with Alison Stewart in the Washington Post


50 Words for Snow top of ‘Any Decent Music’ Review Chart

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  1. Harry Horton

    November 19 2011 internet media news outlet articles on Kate Bush:

    “Kate Bush, a musical lioness in winter” Washington Post Entertainment.
    “Kate Bush 50 words for Snow” – Financial Times – Ludovic Hunter – Tilney Arts
    “Kate Bush ‘I like the idea of emulating classical music’ NME.

    Thoughts on 50 words for snow. the Lyra movie that kate Bush did a soundtrack piece for; such— ‘ movie like theme song style’— seems to extend its influence into some of the musical parts of the recent songs of hers from this new album. A movie style song essence appears to emerge in some of the songs in various flashes.
    In a humourous vein, I guess Kate Bush could have used the opening lyrics of Sat In your lap:” I see the people working, and I see it working for them, And so I want to join in, But then I find it hurts me…” that is Kate Bush using such lyrics for the Manoj Shyamalan 2010 movie: the devil. Check out—” you tube version : The Devil trailer Manoj Shyamalan”. And imagine the opening lyrics of Sat In Your lap being sung during the trailer episodes. Oh well, haha. In anycase only a couple of days until 50 words of snow are released, and I hope Kate Bush embellishes the pieces and future pieces with more lengthy animation as she has stepped into this visual oriented area with some interest. The animation shorts visuals are wonderful and say so much in so many areas and all in such short time periods.

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