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“Odd, beautiful, and quite unlike anything else”: The Times

Four stars from Will Hodgkinson in The Times (behind the paywall):

50 Words For Snow goes beyond good taste, because it is as intriguing and eccentric as it is restrained … Through an artistic process Bush is bringing us up close to a deep aspect of her life, while also capturing the childlike wonder of falling snow. The mood throughout the album is stark and, although it’s a word that gets applied to Kate Bush rather too much, ethereal. There’s a sense that the natural world is home to the mysterious beings that crop up in folklore and fairy tales … Ultimately you have to ask: would 50 Words For Snow stand up, away from the cult of Kate Bush? Yes, because it is odd, beautiful, and quite unlike anything else out there.”


“Seasonal masterpiece”: MTV


“A proper artist”: Daily Express


  1. David Hasselhoff

    “Stark” is not a mood descriptor, sorry :(.

  2. Neil

    Gets better with every listen…iv’e got chills they’re multiplying!

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