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What to say about Maggie and Kate?

Tom Gatti film critic of The Times (behind the pay wall) has some fun this morning ….

What binds the former first ladies of politics and pop? This week Meryl Streep’s portrayal of Margaret Thatcher had its first screening and Kate Bush’s first album of new songs for six years had its first airing — the return of one Eighties female powerhouse may be regarded as natural; the return of two seems like conspiracy. But what binds the former first ladies of politics and pop?

1. Their career dates tally. Thatcher came to power in 1979, when Bush was in the midst of her first and only tour. Thatcher retired from the House in 1992. A year later, Bush released her last album for more than a decade …”

… and Kate was pictured with Jim Calaghan during the 1979 General Election … and Maggie was depicted as Kate in a press cartoon during the same election with said Jim Callaghan going “Wow!”.


Kate’s interview with Jamie Cullum now available on Dutch radio site


“Gorgeously contemplative collection of seasonal chamber pieces”: BBC TV Review Show

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  1. Like Gabriel (a secret funder of the Labour Party for years) Kate is not, repeat not, a Conservative. This is a piece of Murdoch-funded nonesense that Kate would be wise to repudiate. Did Thatcher speak out about human rights abuses in the 80s? Kate did! Does Cameron speak out about Tibet? Kate does!!!!

    In fact, like Aneurin Bevan, I bet she regards Thatcher, Cameron and their ilk as ‘lower than vermin’ for what they’ve done to a once kind, tolerant and fair nation.

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