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“Nobody comes close to this extraordinary woman”: Sunday Times

CD of the week from Dan Cairns in the Sunday Times (behind the pay wall):

If Aerial raised eyebrows for addressing the unexpected possibilities and mental triggers contained in domestic routine, her new album proves no less befuddling and beguiling — and idiosyncratic … Musically, the album finds Bush at her most spare: several tracks feature no more than voice (thicker now, and even more emotionally resonant), piano, bass and drums. It isn’t entirely successful — there are times when you long for more sonic grandeur and open spaces, and fewer jazz colourings — but then along comes the hushed, compelling, overwhelming Among Angels, and yet again you think, there is nobody who comes close to this extraordinary woman.”


“A parallel universe of almost matchless beauty”: Detroit Free Press


“A slowed down, wintry wandering through Bush’s expansive imagination”: The F-Word


  1. Neil

    Well done Dan.Homed in on my 2 fave tracks,Lake Tahoe and Among Angels….these 2 will enter in any fans list of her best

  2. Rod

    Yeah, I take the Times so I was very pleased not to have to ditch it (the Observer’s bum’s out the window). I like the “airy and forlorn” description of Wheeler Street and “stunning” Lake Tahoe, because the song is stunning and perfectly illustrates what he says about KB’s voice being “even more emotionally resonant” now than ever. Good old Thunderer.

  3. “there is nobody who comes close to this extraordinary woman.”

    Almost makes up for that terrible hatchet job by Chrissie Iley. What was it they said then? Oh, yes: “my first inkling [was] that Bush, for all her swelling emotions, might be a little one-dimensional”

    I demand that the Sunday Times be made to stand in Trafalgar Square on the empty plinth, dressed in sackcloth, and eat the colour supplement from 12th September 1993.

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