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“Unique atmospheric record”: Lip

Lip is an Australian feminist site for Girls. I found the perspective of this review by Angelique Lu quite interesting :

Even if you haven’t heard of Kate Bush, there’s a good chance that your parents are fans (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing) … The first thing you notice about this album is that it is long. Only seven tracks feature on 50 Words for Snow, and yet each song is a lengthy endeavour, creating the type of unique atmospheric record Kate Bush is so famous for. The album is one made by a woman who is in no hurry. 50 Words for Snow was recorded during the English winter, and it shows. It’s a minimalist album. It’s mature too … For hardcore fans, Kate Bush’s new album delivers. For those who are new to her music, it requires patience and perseverance. Her imaginary world, and the sheer length of the songs on the track may alienate those who are looking for songs that they’ll immediately connect with. Kate Bush is from a different era, where concept albums are the norm, and where single tracks were relatively unheard of. The risk with concept albums, like 50 Words for Snow is that there is a danger that all of the songs might begin to sound the same.”


“It’s a beauty”: Independent on Sunday


Among Angels streaming now at Kate’s official site


  1. Keith

    My response on the LIPS site:

    I find this review patronizing. This line is almost offensive: “Kate Bush is from a different era, where concept albums are the norm, and where single tracks were relatively unheard of” is laughable.

    How ageist! Who told you this lie, child? Kate Bush came from the 70s where single tracks were golden! And even though concept albums were popular, they weren’t the “norm.” The Jackson 5, the Osmonds, and ABBA were the norm.

    Generalizing, patronizing, blathering to blather. This review gets 1.5 out 5 stars.

    • Hi Keith,
      I’m the Managing Editor of Lip Magazine – thank you for taking the time to respond to the review on the website.

      I’ve approved your comment, but I would ask that if you do have any suggestions or criticisms in future, that you word them more constructively rather than being patronising yourself. Also, the magazine is called Lip, not LIPS.

      Thanks Peter for posting a link to the review, appreciate the traffic!

      • Keith

        Dunja – I appreciate you approving my comment for publicatio, and I’m sorry about the mistake regarding the name of the magazine. Not so sorry about being patronizing. It was intended, constructed that way purposefully; however, I’m glad you gave it a listen, wrote about each song, and that Peter posted a link to the review.

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